All Fighting in Tripoli Amazingly Stops While US Evacuates Embassy

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Isn't it amazing that when the US wants to move its people out of the Tripoli Embassy, all the fighting between militias and tribes is suspended for at least 2 hours while the evacuation takes place. And another amazing fact is that no one, not the tribes, not the government has been capable of stopping the fighting in Tripoli, but suddenly the US wants to leave and all fighting is ceased.

I wonder who is controlling the mess in Libya???

Pretty obvious. The mess in Libya is exactly what Obama, Clinton and the Zionists want, they could not be happier that Libya is falling apart and melting down. Libya had been the strongest, wealthiest, ANTI Al Qaeda (against ALL radical Islamists) Islamic secular state. It is known by the people in Libya that the US is supporting both sides of the fight in Libya. Not only does the US win no matter what sides comes out on top but they get to foment the complete annihilation of the Libyan culture.

The hope for the Libyan people is in their great tribal structure. This is something that the US cannot destroy, oh don't get me wrong, they are doing their best to try and infiltrate and destroy the tribes. Misurata is completely compliant with the US and gains support from them. Then again, Misurata is made up of Turkish Jews that immigrated some 100 years ago, supposedly converted to Islam and are now Islamic Extremists. Understand this, without the help of Turkey, Qatar, Sudan and US, Misurata would fall tomorrow. No one and no tribe in Libya likes them, they are "Persona non Grata" in Libya today. They are supported by the Zionists.

It is important to understand that Libyans are working 24/7 to retake their country from the control of the Extremists/ US/Qatar. But the world needs to pay attention to who is calling the shots in Libya today.

When an active battle (raging for weeks now) is halted - on both sides - for the convenience of the US government, the answer is very clear who is orchestrating the mess in Libya and has been doing so since the beginning of 2011.

Here is a link to a blog where a Libyan in Tripoli writes about his eyewitness account: