All Mercenaries Join Forces In Libya Under New Name ... "MURABITOUN"

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FYI, in the 1920's MI6 invented Muslim Brotherhood as their proxy army. Next the CIA invented their Al Qaeda as their proxy army. These psychopathic mercenaries have been doing the dirty work of destruction and take over of sovereign nations for the Zionists. These mercenaries claim to be radical Islamists. As Osama bin Laden stated, "all we have to do is change our name to keep the west confused". So now enters the new combined entity called Murabitoun. They have had many other names, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), Ansar Al Sharia, Al Nusra, etc. Look for this name to replace ISIS world wide.

This is an account of on the ground intelligence passed to us by the Libyan tribes during the past few weeks.

As a matter of clarification and a short historical review, Libya has been a failed state since Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, NATO, the UN and various other western imperialist countries created a false flag attack and destroyed the country. These Zionists criminals put in place by force their puppets to run Libya, this was never going to work because Libya is a country made up of a very strong and ancient tribal structure. This tribal culture cannot be broken by any outsider no matter how many criminal acts are perpetrated upon the people. The result of the NATO illegal destruction of Libya caused a number of radical mercenary factions to arise, each attempting to control their area of Libya, stealing money, oil, assets, raping women, imprisoning innocents, etc. These were not tribal wars or civil wars as reported by the lying media, but the result of these criminal groups fighting each other and sometimes fighting the Libyan people. There has never been put forth a solution that would bring Libya back to peace because the Libyan people were never part of the solution. All the proposed solutions were put forward by some outside force or by some group like the UN putting together a group of criminals (more puppets).

After a legitimate election in 2014, the people of Libya voted out all the puppet radical Islamists. These criminals refused to leave office and threatened the lives of those duly elected so they were forced to move the legitimate government to the eastern city of Tobruk. Even the Tobruk government has had difficulties because even though they are the legitimate government, they have no power. The radicals control off and on the oil ports and they control the largest port in Libya in Misurata. These radical groups have been able to maintain some piece of control because they have had the support of Clinton and Obama for the past 6 years, supplying them with weapons and money via Turkey and Qatar. On the other hand the legitimate Libyan National Army fighting these Islamic terrorist groups has been embargoed by the UN since 2011 from receiving any weapons or aid.

The Libyan people do not and never have supported radical Islam, 96% of all Libyans are against these Takfiri (fake Muslims) gangs. The 4% that are psychopathic radicals were either in exile or prison before Hillary Clinton, Obama and McCain joined hands with them to destroy Libya. These 4% are the ones controlling the radicals in Libya now.

For all intense and purposes the Libyan people have had no voice since 2011.

March 2017

Things are changing on the ground in Libya because Hillary Clinton's defeat has opened a void in the support of the criminal occupiers in Libya. The criminal mercenaries know that they are in danger of being thrown out or killed as they have no right to their place in Libya. The consequence of this realization is that all the radicals on the ground in Libya have joined forces in an attempt to maintain their criminal hold on areas of Libya and to make an attempt to take control of the entire country. They have formed a new group under the leadership of a man named Mukhtar Bel Mukhtar a past strongman for Al Qaeda.

The name of this new group is called Murabitoun. Watch for this name you will see it often now.

This group is made up of all radicals Islamists in Libya including Misurata Militias, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, ISIS, Al Qaeda, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) and other miscellaneous groups.

Murabitoun began to hold their meetings at the Al Jufra (Houn) Airbase. Meetings between such famous terrorists as Ismayel al-Sallabi brother to Ali al-Sallabi, Ahmed Abd Al jaleel Hessnawi and Ahmed Al Tajuri (see photo 1 below). They will be receiving their weapons and new mercenary fighters via the Al Jufra airbase. Paid mercenary fighters from Italy, Qatar, Sudan and Chad will arrive to support them in their attempt to take Libya. See photos below (2, 3, 4 & 5). As you can see in photo #2, it is a US cargo plane with the name Iraqi Air Force on it. No, it is not Iraq coming to the support of these criminals, we are told that this is a rented plane. Any guesses as to who is funding and supporting these criminal mercenary (proxy army of the New World Order). If you guessed John McCain you would be right on target. It is also known that Abdulhakem Belhaj, one of the most well known terrorists and John McCain's best friend, is purchasing weapons from a Tunisian arms dealer named Yousef Zaroug , with the help of his brother in the Serbian embassy and being aided by Qatar and Turkey. Belhaj has stolen over a billion dollars from the Libyans and is now a billionaire terrorist.

Murabitoun made their first attack on the oil ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra this past week. They took these oil ports away from the Libyan National Army (representing the Tobruk Parliament) and are now threatening to move towards Benghazi to take the other oil ports of Brega and Zuetina from the Libyan people. (See photos 6 & 7 below). The first photo is of a man named Mustafa Sharksy he is a military leader with Murabitoun. The ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra are now under the control of a company called Crescent Oil, this is the company of the terrorist mercenaries.

Meanwhile not to be discounted, the dirty game that the military industrial complex has been playing with Libya since 2011 continues. Africom has been bombing Sirte, Libya for over a year. Obama called in 200 strikes on his last day in office. The reason for these strikes, according to Africom, is to cleanse ISIS from Sirte. Well, that is a half truth, ISIS has been cleared from Sirte but it has been handed over to the new Murabitoun. Last year Africom bombed in support of the Misurata Militias (Hillary Clinton's mercenaries), now they are bombing in support of the newly formed radical group. The Libyans say that this is the dirty game that has been played against them since the beginning and it just continues. Africom was still bombing in Sirte this week. (see photos 8, 9, 10 & 11 below)

The only other group laying claim to Libya is the UN puppet government. This so called "Unity Government" is led by a man named Serraj who was appointed along with his group in a meeting in Tunisia. This puppet government has never had any authority in Libya, never recognized by any Libyans as any legitimate form of government. Serraj and his gang of Muslim Brotherhood had to sneak into Libya by the dark of night by boat from Tunisia because they would have never been allowed in openly. The mass media and the UN tout this Serraj as the Prime Minister of Libya, interesting that only the UN and certain western Imperialist nations refer to him by that title. The Libyan people could care less about this fake government. to them it does not even exist.

So, now that you have all the radicals joining forces in Libya under the new name of Murabitoun making up one side of the story. On the other side of the story is Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army working with the Tobruk Parliament. The great tribes of Libya have never supported Haftar because he is a traitor to Libya. He was with the CIA for over 30 years inside the US and dropped into Libya in 2011 to lead Clinton's mercenaries against the legitimate government of Libya. After Libya became a failed state, apparently Haftar had a change of heart (no one really believes this) and changed sides to fight the mercenary radicals that he had been leader for in 2011. However, now the Libyan people and tribes find themselves forced into a position where they must support their army, the only one that is fighting against the criminals occupying their country. That army is led by General Haftar. The tribes know that they will never get their country back as long as they are divided in any way, so they have decided to back the Libyan National Army, as that is their only choice at this point. They are under no illusion as to whom Haftar is, however, if he holds the position they can use to take their country back, then so be it. After the country is cleaned, Haftar will be a different matter.

It is also known at this time that Russia has offered to train about 300 of Haftar's men to be special forces. The Libyan National Army is said to be made up of approximately 5000 men.

In some ways all these radicals joining forces helps the outside world understand the situation in Libya. Finally, people will be able to understand that it is the Libyan people fighting the radical mercenaries in their country. There is no civil war in Libya. There are only these paid mercenaries (called radical Islamists) who invaded Libya. These Clinton, Obama, McCain mercenaries are the true enemy of all Libyans.