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ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Moves Headquarters to Sirte Libya

Russia stepping up to actually kill ISIS in Syria, unlike the US and it's Zionist allies, has caused ISIS to move its headquarters to a new country. ISIS has been in Libya for the past couple of years but now they have actually taken the city of Sirte as their own.

Abu Baker al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) arrived into Sirte about 3 days ago, along with many top leaders of other terrorist organizations. The leader of Boko Haram from Nigeria, leaders of Ansar Al Sharia out of Egypt and others have all congregated in Sirte. They hold their terrorist meetings in the Ouagadougou Convention Center in Sirte. The US supplied approximately 60 Toyota SUV's (made only in the US) for their big "leaders" to ride around in. ISIS has blocked all roads going into Sirte for 150 miles. They have made it illegal to have satellite dishes and have removed them all. The approximately 300,000 residents of Sirte have all evacuated the town because it is not safe for any people to live there.

So, Sirte, Libya is now the head of the snake for all Islamic Radical Terrorist groups, this is their home. There are no civilians left in Sirte. So any country wishing to bomb Sirte would be killing terrorist leaders and their psycho followers, no civilians was be hurt.

The criminal acts of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have destroyed the sovereign nation of Libya. But they are puppets (does not make them any less guilty) of the Zionists New World Order Criminals. They use false flags and a proxy army of Islamic terrorist mercenaries and have destroyed the sovereign nation of Iraq, Libya and attempting to destroy Syria. They have lied about the leaders of these countries and then moved in their proxy armies calling them "rebels". The US and western imperialists have been doing this since before WWI, they control all the banks and the paper money, any country not under their control financially (IMF, World Bank, etc) will be destroyed. Again, Libya, no debt to the Zionists and no banks under their control, Iraq was the same, Syria the same. This nasty game of destroying countries with lies and mercenaries, armed and funded by the US via Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia is coming to an end. The internet and free media is closing the gap to the truth. It cannot happen fast enough as those who are part of the Cabal consider killing innocents and destroying countries as acceptable collateral damage.

Now Libya has become the hotbed for all terrorist groups, there is no viable government and the US continues to attempt to place their Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in control in Tripoli. The use of Zionist UN representatives who do not represent the Libyan people, keeps the unrest and destabilization ongoing. The UN has never lifted its ban against the Libyan army receiving weapons but continues to allow ISIS, LIFG, Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc. to receive weapons and more mercenaries through all the open ports. The Libyan people, more than half of them in exile and the great tribes of Libya are ready to take their country back from the terrorists but they must have outside support.

It is time for all of the world to step up and help the Libyan people and at the same time save the world from these psychopathic terrorists. Libya was attacked illegally, had it's country stolen and now is the time for the international community to help right the wrongs (war crimes, lies, terrorist acts, etc) that they turned a blind eye to in 2011.