Attack On Libya Stopped by Trump Win

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The Libyan tribes called yesterday to express their great happiness in the election Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the USA. They also wish to thank all the American people for standing up against corruption and evil. They, the people of Libya know first hand the evil that this woman is capable of by her war crimes and lies committed in 2011 to destroy their country. They have suffered for over 5 years with her "behind the scenes" support of the illegal occupation of their country by her radical Islamic mercenary proxy army, her support of the 4% of Libyans that are radical Islamic terrorists and their forcibly installed puppet governments.

The tribes of Libya have spies in every sector of Libya. They informed me that they knew there was to be an attack on their country this coming week-end (Nov 12th & 13th). The attack was to target oil fields and the Libyan National army now fighting the radical Islamic terrorists. They know that the attack was to be staged out of Qatar directed by Hillary Clinton.

They stated: "When Donald Trump won the election, all attacks ceased to exist, they have all stopped".

They knew about the transfer of $1.8 billion dollars to Qatar by the Clinton Foundation a few weeks ago (this was reported here in the US). They said that Qatar agreed to shelter $1.5 billion of Clinton Foundation money for the Clinton's and that $200 million would be used to buy arms and pay the mercenaries in Libya to attack the legitimate Libyan National Army. Since the Clinton'[s have basically been de-fanged, it appears Qatar is in a position to keep the $1.8 billion of blood money.

Second, the tribes told me with joy that the militias made up of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, etc., occupying their country, are all in MOURNING. These radicals all say that no matter what they will stand with their sister, Hillary. Why is this? Because Clinton has been the one arming and funding them ILLEGALLY for the past 5 years. These so called militias are the criminals made up of less than 4% Libyans (the rest are mercenaries) who continue to destabilize Libya. They follow no rule of law, walk the streets with AK-47's, imprison anyone they don't like without any trial or accusation, torture thousands to death, destroy infrastructure such as the Libyan International Airport, dictate their rules to the people, install their puppets to steal from Libya etc,. etc. On November 8, 2016, they lost and the Libyan people won.

Finally, I hear some hope from the Libyans that they will again have their country back in their own hands and that the millions in exile can return to a safe home.

So, thank you America from us and from Libya, you have indeed created a great hope for all of the world.