August 25, 2013 We the People Radio

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Our guests: Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty

with Libyan tribal leader Muftah Faraj living in exile joining us the last half hour

Faraj is a member of the Warfalla tribe of Bani Walid in Libya, who is currently in exile from Libya

Sam and Kate (pen names for the Moriarty's) spent years developing a lucrative business in the oil sector in Libya. They just concluded negotiations in February 2011 and signed contracts to begin their business in Libya when the Arab Spring hit that country.

In April of 2011 Sam and Kate are asked and accept to head a Fact Finding
Commission to Tripoli, Libya. In May their sojourn begins in London, continues
through Tunisia and then by bus to Tripoli. Within the FFC, S&K are witnesses to
horrific bomb sites, wounded children, raped women and other atrocities. They
are shocked and saddened by what they witness. S&K did not know that the FFC
had decided that they were not finished in Libya and upon their return to the US
they are immediately requested to return to Tripoli.

Our product cleans hydrocarbons so effectively and without any pollution that you can plant a garden in the “before polluted” soil. Our product is completely environmentally friendly and acts like a medicine for depleted oil wells to help them return to production. It will clean paraffin, soot, chicken fat, plugged drains and more. The only issue is production, it is expensive to produce but done correctly it could be marketed across the planet.

This is not just a raffle for a very rare old car. The money will be going to fund research and development in the use of our enzyme to clean hydrocarbons from fracking fluids and hopefully getting us back in business. Even if someone is not interested in owning the antique car and they win the car then they can donate it to the charity of their choice and take a $24,000 write off. So not only are they are supporting us, our technology and our fight against al Qaeda but they have the possibility of winning a great antique car and using it as a tax write off if they choose not to keep it.

August 25, 2013 We the People Radio