Benghazi Declares STATE of EMERGENCY- Al Qaeda Attacks People of Benghazi

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NEWS FLASH - STATE of EMERGENCY DECLARED in BENGHAZI. The people of Benghazi formed a peaceful demonstration in front of the Tibesti Hotel today and they were fired upon by Al Qaeda groups mainly Ansar Al Sharia. But then all of these groups are the same, it does not matter the name, all of them psychopathic killlers. They change their names to confuse the west.
The Libyan people are shocked that no western news is picking up this story. In February of 2011 when 3 demonstrators were killed (by Qatar snipers) the entire world came unglued and NATO declared war on the innocent people and country of Libya. Now people are being openly slaughtered in the streets and the world turns a blind eye.

Colonel Abdullah Saaiti the commander of the security in Benghazi. The official statement in Arabic is below for those who can read Arabic or wish to translate it. The photo attached is of Colonel Saaiti. He says that there was an attack and slaughter in Benghazi - there is no question who is attacking - it is Al Qaeda. There is a choice now in Libya, either choose right or wrong, law or chaos.

وكالة عاجل ليبيا / السعيطي : إننا نخوض حربا مع القاعدة ـ بنغازي
قال آمر الغرفة الأمنية المشتركة ببنغازي عقيد "عبد الله السعيطي" إن ما حدث ببوابة برسس هو معركة بين الجيش وتنظيم القاعدة ويجب ان تسمى الاسماء بمسميات والمنطقة الرمادية لا مكان لها ... الان إما الحق وإما الباطل ... إما القانون وإما الفوضى .

The last attachment is a statement in Arabic, the fifth paragraph has been noted, it says that the people of Derna are under the control of Al Qaeda and they cannot demonstrate or speak against them. This is Obama's democracy. Al Qaeda dictators now control Libya and slaughter anyone who speaks against their horrible acts. Complete suppression by force.

Life under the past government in Libya was paradise compared to the Clinton and Obama so called "democracy" now in Libya, forced upon the county by 60,000 NATO bombing raids and the death of 500,000 innocent Libyans.

Al Qaeda threatens civilians of Derna