BREAKING Libyan National Army Takes Oil Ports From US Backed Terrorists

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The Libyan National Army has taken control of 4 of the main Libyan oil ports. Brega, Ras Lanuf, Zuetina and Sidra ports are all now under the control of the legitimate Libyan government in Tobruk and out of the hands of the US backed radical Islamic terrorists. Also under control of the Tobruk government are some oil production fields. The Libyan National army came together from the East, South and West in a joint action to retake the oil resources belonging to the Libyan people from the terrorists who had been controlling them. These terrorists had been in prison in Libya before the 2011 illegal attack by NATO.

The radical Islamist, Ibrahim Jadran and his 4 brothers are LIGF (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group started by Belhaj). The 5th brother is Ansar al Sharia. The brothers were controlling the oil ports as a result of US support against the Libyan people. This family of 5 brothers were all criminals in jail in Libya before the 2011 attack and were released by NATO and their mercenaries. They now will try to join with the UN puppet government and the criminal militias in Misurata encouraging them to invite in US/Italian forces to take back their control of the oil.

Consider this: Sitting in the Libyan seat at the UN security Council is a German national named Martin Kobler. The Libyan's are furious, who can blame them, they have had their country stolen from them, they have millions in exile, at least one million homeless and infrastructure destroyed. Their country is filled with illegal radical terrorists - armed and funded by the Zionists via the US, stealing them blind, killing their women, children and young men, imprisoning thousands of innocents without due process..torturing many to death.

Martin Kobler is a member of the intelligence community, do you really believe he knows, understands or cares about the culture or desires of the Libyan people? Of course not, he is a spy, it is his job to appoint a puppet government (so called Unity government) filled with Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, LIFG, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc., some of them not even Libyan. Force this puppet government on the Libyan people, sneak them in by the dark of night by boat and hide them at the Mitiga Airport under control of Belhaj,another terrorist.

In what alternate universe does the UN appoint a representative for a country from another country? This is obvious terror tactics to control a sovereign nation.

As the Libyan people begin to take back their country from the proxy army (terrorist mercenaries) of the Zionists, the Zionists can see their control slipping from their fingers and have already started talking about taking another action in Libya similar to NATO's war crimes committed in 2011. Today the Italian parliament was discussing another incursion into Libya. The US has already been bombing in Libya invited in by the UN puppet government representing the Zionists not the Libyans.

It is most urgent that the news be spread correctly as the Zionist (Khazarian mafia) controlled media has already started spreading the lies about what is happening in Libya. Kobler sat at the UN today telling the UN that Libyan people need to come together under his unity government. Kobler has no clue about Libya and no right to speak for the Libyan people but mark my works he will be lying and leading the charge to attack Libya as the Zionists control slips away from them.

I am posting 2 reports from Libyan security regarding 2 of the brothers that had been controlling the Libyan oil ports and some of the Libyan oil. This is a copy of their criminal files.