BREAKING - Misurata Militia Terrorists Burn Tawergha Camp in Tripoli

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The Tawergha tribe in Libya has had more than enough sorrow. They are a tribe made up of black Libyans, they were targeted by the Clinton/Obama/NATO mercenaries because they were black. There has been a continuing effort to do a complete genocide of black Libyans since the phony NATO war in 2011. To date there are over 128 mass graves filled with black bodies in Libya.

The Tawergha tribe was an extremely productive tribe, known to be great farmers, producing the majority of the dairy for Libya.

In 2011 their entire city, along with all homes and all farms were completely destroyed by the terrorist mercenaries brought into Libya by Clinton/Obama/NATO/CIA etc. Since 2011 this tribe has been forced to survive in makeshift camps set up near Tripoli. This camp was dismal and made up of tents, containers, boxes whatever the people could find.

TODAY the terrorist group called "Misurata Militias" supported by Clinton and Obama (Africom bombing to support these terrorists) with money and arms brought into Libya by Turkey and Qatar, set the entire Tawergha camp on fire. As I write this the camp is burning to the ground.

These people are being systematically destroyed over and over again.

Where is the world outrage? Where are the black leaders in the US? Where are the humanitarian organizations?

These Misurata terrorists see their control waning as their main stream of support has left the White House. Being the psychopaths that they are, their true colors are now beginning to show. They care nothing about Libya and the Libyan people, they never have.

Pray for the innocent Libyans they are now at the mercy of these psychopathic terrorists left in their country by the "Butcher of Libya", Hillary Clinton.