BREAKING NEWS Sabha Libya - Libyan Patriots Shoot Down Government War Plane

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Today in the southern Libyan city of Sabha, the Great Green Resistance, made up of Libyan patriots shot down a war plane sent to attack civilians by the murderous, illegal, puppet government installed in Libya by NATO, the UN and Obama. These criminals are openly attacking Libyan civilians who proclaim that they are free of Al Qaeda, Islamic Extremists and the Impotent puppet government. This now famous so called democratic government is attacking civilians by air with war planes openly while the world watches on. This is the same activity that the past Libyan regime was accused of doing to the so called rebels in Benghazi in 2011. We know that this was a false flag and that there was never any air attack on these Al Qaeda mercenaries pretending to be protestors. This lie fomented world wide outrage which led to the complete destruction and illegal take over of the sovereign nation of Libya.


**These planes were flown by Sudanese pilots, paid for by Qatar but ordered by the Libyan Government. The Libyan pilots refused to bomb innocent Libyan civilians