BREAKING - Sabratha Libya Invaded by ISIS

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Breaking news from Libya tonight.

ISIS has invaded the city of Sabratha. They took the police station and killed 20 policemen. ISIS now controls the city of Sabratha.

Is this related to the bombing of the ISIS compound near Sabratha? Possible.

NATO bombed Libya to oblivion under the pretense of protecting innocent lives, the ridiculousness of that statement is now glaring at the face of the world.

Before the war criminals Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John McCain, Marco Rubio, et al. Libya was a safe, prosperous nation where radical Islam was banned. The world should hang its head in shame at the willful destruction of the country of Libya. Instead they turn their back as the US/Turkey/Qatar/Saudi Arabia and other NWO puppets continue to oppress the legitimate Libyans and support the radicals illegally occupying their country with arms and money.

The Libyan people have suffered enough with these terrorists who were forced upon them by the illegal acts of the Zionist NWO criminals.

They ask - where is the world? Where is the outrage? Where is the help?

On a positive note: The city of Benghazi has been completely cleaned of radical Islamic terrorists. The cleansing was done by the Libyan people, the tribes and the Libyan army. This cleansing had nothing to do with Khalifa Haftar who is completely impotent and is hated by most Libyans.