CIA Threatens Egyptian President

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A high ranking Egyptian government official who requires complete anonymity has revealed that the head of the CIA showed up in Egypt not long after President Al Sisi of Egypt made it clear to the world that Egypt will be supporting it's Libyan neighbor in ridding their country of the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radical groups and militias so that Libya can bring peace and security to her people. Also there are over 2 million Libyans living in exile that must be returned home.

The message that the head of the CIA brought to the President of Egypt was a warning. The warning was that the CIA/USA did not want Egypt supporting Libya against ISIS and that Egypt should negotiate with the militias (radical gangs) if they want to support Libya.

The answer that President Al Sisi gave to the leader of the CIA is priceless: "YOU NEED TO LEAVE OUR COUNTRY NOW AND NEVER RETURN"

God Bless President Al Sisi, he is an honorable man whose principals cannot be compromised. He knows that ISIS threatens his country and his people and he has a great well armed military that will be more than effective in destroying ISIS and other radical psychopathic Islamists. Egypt and Libya are very close not just in proximity but also consider themselves brothers and sisters.

It is with great pride in Egypt that I report this story and send them God Speed as their great leader and military work to make the world a safer place.