Criminal Interference in Libya by Italy, Turkey and Qatar - Perpetuates Failed State

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Italy, Qatar and Turkey are openly supporting terrorists in Libya. These activities are criminal acts against humanity and are international war crimes.

The Libyan people have been suffering under militias (terrorists) and other mercenaries put into their country by the illegal war started by a false flag in 2011. Had these terrorists been left to their own devices, the great tribes of Libya (all Libyan people) would have removed them, cleansed their country and brought back stability and sovereignty years ago. But that was not the agenda of the criminal New World Order Khazarian Zionists, (Clinton, Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Qatar, Turkey, etc). Their agenda was the destruction of Libya, the theft of all Libyan assets above the ground and below the ground. Libya was completely solvent, no debt, with 500 billion in the EU and Federal reserve, many tons of gold, silver, other precious metals and huge amounts of insitu oil. This was their crime, they were not under the control of the Zionist bankers (Rothchilds, etc), and their fiat currency, they owed no debt to the IMF, World Bank or other Rothchild controlled banks. Ghadafi was creating a gold backed currency for all of Africa because he understood the criminal activities of the fiat bankers and their Babylonian debt scheme to control the world with their phony petro dollar. The creation of the gold Dinar for Africa was what got him killed.

Italy has been slowly moving their soldiers onto Libyan land for the past few years. This is not legal and not wanted by the Libyan people. It is bad enough that they invade Libya as illegal occupiers but worse than that, they have sided with the terrorists in Libya against the Libyan people. Again, Italy shows its corruption to the world where Libya is concerned. Italy has been working with the "non elected" illegitimate UN puppet government of Serraj in Tripoli - a government full of radical terrorists. Italy also sends their troops to Misurata, home of the worst criminal militias in Libya.

Last week, the city of Derna in the east of Libya was barricaded by the Libyan National army, the reason is that Derna is the home of radical Islam in Libya and is filled with terrorists. Many of these terrorists are wanted by world authorities. The Egyptian army has begun to attack known hideouts of these terrorists in Derna with airstrikes. This is aiding the Libyan people in their fight to clean their country and also helping to protect Egypt from terrorists crossing into their country. In an act of extreme arrogance, the Italian government contacted the Egyptian government and demanded, no told them to stop taking part in any attacks upon Derna. They told Egypt that they were not authorized to bomb in Libya. Who the hell does Italy think they are? They are not in control of Libya, they are certainly not in charge of Egypt and their right to protect their people. This is the hubris of the Italians working under the Zionists who will pass Libya like some piece of candy to the Italians who are broke and desperately need to steal Libya's wealth yet AGAIN. Of course the Italians must side with the radical terrorist mercenaries because the Libyan people would throw them out if they had a choice.

For those who don't know what Italy has done to Libya in the past....

The history of Italian war crimes against the Libyan people is horrendous. There is an excellent movie made years ago called "Lion of the Desert", staring Anthony Quinn. ( free to watch here - ). This movie was made in 1981 and is the story of Omar Mukhtar a great Libyan hero who fought Mussolini's fascists army in the desert. The movie is close to actual historical facts. Italy could not fight the Bedouins in the desert; they had been losing so Mussolini sent a ruthless military leader who set up barbed wire across the desert, killing people and animals. He put all the Libyans in concentration camps and killed most of them by starvation and dehydration. By the time Italy was finished with Libya, there were only 250,000 Libyan nationals left alive. After that Italy took over Libya. They took over the Libyan land, assets, towns, etc. They built themselves villas and summer homes. The Libyan people were not allowed to own land and were effectively the slaves of the rich Italians. In 1969, Libya was the poorest country in Africa, with the Italians stealing Libya's wealth and the US, UK, France taking the Libyan oil. The UK installed the old despot king (Libyan never had a king) and he was effectively their puppet. The average salary of a Libyan was 60 dinar a year. This is what brought about the bloodless coup (Al Fateh Revolution 1969) by the great tribes of Libya to take their country back from the illegal thieves and occupiers of their land. From 1969 until the NATO false flag phony revolution and illegal war, Libya became the most developed and the wealthiest country in Africa. This under the guidance of Moammar Al Ghadafi.

Now for Qatar and Turkey. Qatar has been supporting the destabilization of Libya since the beginning of the false flag in 2011. Qatar is a small country with limited resources but a big appetite. It is home of the largest US military base in the world and home to the largest training camps for mercenary terrorists. Qatar has greedily looked to the theft of Libya's resources for many years and took the advantage offered to it by Hillary Clinton in 2011 to join the attack on Libya. To this day Qatar openly supports the radical Islamic terrorists and militias that occupy Libya and keep their foot on the throat of the Libyan people. Qatar is openly arming and funding the criminal militias in Libya. Intentionally keeping the legitimate Libyan people from being in control of their government and their land. These are acts of war and crimes against humanity as these militias are ruthless, taking what little freedom and money the Libya people.

Turkey is arming, funding and adding mercenaries to Libya almost daily. Turkey is now the home and safe haven for all of the major terrorists in the world. Belhaj, the founder of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group, a known terrorist organization, is happily residing in Turkey enjoying the billions he stole from Libya and using his LIFG members to control Tripoli; all the while planning his next act of terror upon the world. Tripoli is now home to some of the worst Islamic extremists - all of them working with LIFG, the UN puppet government of Serraj and the Misurata militias of Hillary Clinton. Tripoli is controlled by these terrorist militias. The people who live in Tripoli live as if in prison, they are controlled and abused by these gun toting militias. There is no government only terrorist dictators stealing from Libya and abusing the Libyan people everyday. Again, Turkey's support of terrorism and corruption in Libya is a crime against humanity and against all international laws.

Speaking of crimes against humanity, I must make a statement about the Tawergha tribe. A Libyan tribe of dark skinned people, made homeless by the Misurata militias (terrorists) who destroyed 5 of their cities and made them homeless for the past 7 years. February 1, 2018, marked the day that all of Libya (including the puppet government) agreed for the Tawergha to travel back to their homes. Of course, there is no respect for the rule of law when you have gangs and militias controlling the country. Consequently, the Tawergha tribe took to the roads to travel home some hundreds of miles into the desert. Before they reached their home, the Misurata militias barricaded the road and would not let them pass. Now since February 1, some 60,000 men, women and children are living in the desert without water, food or decent shelter. The world turns a blind eye to this atrocity as the main stream media is in support of the Misurata militias who are creating this act of terror. Proof once again that those who took Libya by force, destroyed the country and continue to support the failed state is the same Zionist New World Order Cabal that controls the media world wide. They have not one care for humanity, they care only about their agenda, destroyed countries, families and lives are just acceptable collateral damage.

The Great Tribes of Libya work everyday to cleanse their country of these intruders and terrorists. The Libyan people are not extremists, they hate radical Islam, thus they are a target of the radicals. The tribes work for a new election this year, one in which a new government and a new leader will be elected by the Libyan people (not installed by force of the UN or Zionists). Of the approximately 5. 5 million legitimate Libyans, over 3.5 million have now registered to vote. That is a huge majority of the adult population. The Libyan tribes and people have not lost their will to gain their sovereignty and their freedom. They know it is a difficult task when the criminal terrorists occupying their country are supported everyday by other countries. They know that they need help from outside too because they have purposely been cut off from their funds and their ability to purchase weapons (UN embargo since 2011). The great tribes of Libya need more voices shouting to the world the injustice being committed everyday in their country by illegal interference of other countries. They need help to rid their country (and the world) of these terrorists that reside in Libya. They look to their neighbors for assistance because they too are threatened by the same terrorist mercenaries and they turn their eyes to mother Russia, who they see as perhaps the only righteous country standing for those who have lost their countries to continuing criminals acts of the New World Order Zionist cabal.