Criminal Misurata Militias -THIEVES In Tripoli

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Today the criminals who call themselves "Misurata Militias" began to go door to door in Tripoli. They forced their way into people's homes and took what ever they wanted.

The Misurata Militias are the groups that were supported and armed by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Obama and others. They are made up of some of the 4% of Libyans that are radicals and other
mercenaries. They are now being supported (illegally) by Qatar and Turkey. This is the only way that they can survive as they are now the most hated group of criminals in Libya today.

They have become quite desperate because they realize the Libyan people will never support them, so they have turned to doing as much damage as they possibly can to the innocent Libyan
people. Not that they have not done this in the past, the list is endless of their crimes against humanity but the New World Order cabal wanted Libya, and anything that happened to the Libyan people
in their theft of the country was just "acceptable collateral damage". No NATO to the rescue, no UN, no ICC crimes against humanity charges - nothing. People in Libya have been imprisoned, tortured, stolen from, homes and families destroyed, starved, had schools and hospitals destroyed - the list goes on and on. Just the war crimes committed in Libya in 2011 and later are so heinous that even Hitler would feel ashamed - AND - this is the 21st century.

Do not think for one minute that humanity has evolved past war crimes, if anything they are even more horrible than they were 70 years ago. But, now we have technology to hide and bury these atrocities so the criminal bankers, Khazarian mafia, New World Order criminals have been give free reign and the results are staggering.

The people in Tripoli are crying for help tonight, but their cries fall on deaf ears. There is no media allowed in Libya, there are no police or law enforcement officers, there is no help. The tribes tell me, if
anyone is caught taking a photo or sending a text about these crimes they will be taken to one of the many illegal prisons run by these militias. In the end they most likely will not survive.

This is the result of LIES, lies about the Arab Spring, lies about a Libyan revolution, lies about a no fly zone, lies about Libya's great leader, Ghadafi and so many more. The result was the manipulation of criminal acts against a small sovereign nation that was happy and prosperous. The destruction of lives, infrastructure, families and most of all the attempted destruction of a precious - one of a kind - ancient culture.