False Claims of Support for the New "Unity" (Puppet) Government in Libya

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What is being reported in Libya today is a LIE. The news media that is controlled by the Zionists New World Order criminals that destroyed Libya made an attempt to state that there were tribes in the Western Mountains and other areas that had stepped up to support the UN so called "Unity Government".

NOTHING could be further from the truth. There are NO Libyan tribes that support this PUPPET government created by non-Libyans, made up of terrorists and puppets working for the Zionist banking Cabal. In particular the Mushasi Tribe came out today to publicly disavow the claim that they supported this puppet government.

The Libyan people are a proud, ancient race of people. The Libyan tribes that represent all the people in Libya made it clear before any of this UN meddling began that they would never accept a Government selected for them by radical Islamists and outsiders. The Mushasi tribe stated emphatically that they will never back a PUPPET government. Also making this clear are over 1 and a half million Libyans living in the East and South. There will be no government in Libya that is not elected and supported by the majority of the Libyan people.

The so called Unity Government is made up of many Islamic radicals some of them with no Libyan blood. Remember, Libyans by a majority of 96% hate radical Islamists. This will never be acceptable to the Libyan people. Would any country find this acceptable? Let's see, I am going to illegally invade and destroy your country, I am going to remove all of your security police and military, I am going to hand your country over to your enemies and imprison those of you that I think could start a new Libyan government. Next, I am going to bring in terrorists and install them in your government because they work for me. Now I am going to chastise you because your country in in chaos because my puppet government is not doing its job and is stealing you blind. Lastly, I am going to make myself look great by putting together a new "government" (of my choosing and under my control) and I will demand you accept it to unify your country because I say so and I will make you look bad in the eyes of the world if you do not accept my choice.

The Libyan people will never ever accept a PUPPET government, end of story. The only support this puppet government has is from the criminal city of Misurata - home of all the rat, radicals, mercenaries and criminals.

The Libyan people (tribes) will cleanse their country of the filth that squats there, they will do it in their time and it will happen. Then they will install a government of their own choosing and there will be a new Libya born.