Hillary Clinton The Mother of Black Genocide in Libya VIDEOS

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Any person who thinks Hillary Clinton should have the power vested in the President of the United States is either a complete idiot, brainwashed or a masochist. Without any doubt, she is the mother of the destruction and death of an entire country. There is absolutely no remorse of any kind for the death of a million innocents in Libya, in fact she remains proud of her evil deeds.

More than that she is the mother of the attempted genocide of all black Libyans. Her claim that Trump is a racist falls in line with all of her egregious lies. You want to see a real serious racist Mrs. Clinton? Look in the mirror. I cannot believe this woman who is a war criminal at the level of Adolf Hitler has even one supporter.

Even still she has a majority of blacks in the USA supporting her, how sad is that? This is a crime of the main stream media who report lies daily about anyone who challenge their masters puppet - Hillary Clinton. All of these media talking heads and their bosses are compliant in the death of millions world wide and the destruction of sovereign countries illegally. Following Egypt's lead, all of these so called news (propaganda) agencies should be put on trial for their crime of LIES, using their position to mislead innocent people to their own destruction.

We are eye witnesses to Clinton's crimes so shocking that it causes one to believe and hope that it was a nightmare, but it was not, it was as real as a heart attack and this evil woman who traveled all over the Middle East and Africa using her power as Secretary of State to blackmail countries into backing her crimes in Libya, now deems herself fit to run the entire world with her criminal mind. We were told to our face, by Mr. H.E. Dangor, the South African ambassador to Libya, that Clinton showed up in his country and told them, in no uncertain terms, that South Africa would find some "rebels" in their backyard if they did not comply with her wishes. He said it was like this woman had a closet full of rebels..and she did her criminal mercenary proxy army, armed and trained by the CIA.

Hillary Clinton is not fit to lead anything, she holds no compassion for mankind, she holds no compassion for any living creature or the earth. She has proven herself to be a psychopath using death and destruction as her tools with no regret. Thankfully for all of us, her human body is now beginning to revolt against the evil mind and will hopefully finish her evil existence on this planet soon.