Hillary Clinton's Terrorist Mercenaries Continue to Destroy Libya

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The great deception of Clinton and Obama continues to destroy Libya.

First, let me say that the New World Order, Khazarian mafia continues to keep it's hold on Libya thru the use of illegal force and mercenaries. Libya is in a complete state of failure. The people of Libya suffer greatly under the criminal terrorists put in their country by Hillary Clinton and Obama via the use of NATO's war machine committing tremendous war crimes and heinous atrocities against humanity. The criminal terrorists and John McCain, Obama and Hillary Clinton have stolen all the wealth of Libya. They have taken every bank account, they have stolen oil, gold, water, food, medicine etc. They steal the oil needed to run power plants and sell it on the open market without any international oversight (illegal bank transfers etc.) blinking an eye. The Libyan people suffer with no jobs, no money, no food and have taken to selling their organs on the black market to try and feed their families. They cannot walk on the streets, they are forced inside to avoid the terrorist gangs that roam the streets with ak-47 rifles ready to rob them or rape the women or imprison them for no reason.

Meanwhile, the leading terrorists, most of them on the most wanted lists for international terrorism, roam the country freely and have become billionaires with the stolen money from Libya and the Libyan people. The biggest criminal is Abdulhakem Belhaj, a known terrorist who was imprisoned in Libya before 2011 for his criminal acts. He is now a billionaire, he makes no bones about the money he has stolen and his acts of terror against the Libyan people, he is quite proud. One of his biggest supporters in US Senator John McCain. It is a well know fact that McCain is a personal friend and supporter of Belhaj. We have supplied photos of McCain and Belhaj together in Tripoli, where Belhaj is awarding McCain an award for his help in putting the criminals in charge in Libya.

The main terrorist militias in Libya are in the city of Misurata. These are the original Libyan "rats" (the 4% of Libyans that are radicals) who joined Hillary Clinton in her illegal war against Libya. These Libyans are radicals who support the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Ansar Al Sharia and others. They have remained with a modicum of power in Libya because of their support by the US and Hillary Clinton, sending them arms, money and mercenaries from other countries. These criminals have been openly supported by the US Embassy in Libya since 2011.

There is NO legitimate government in Libya with the exception of the legally elected Government in Tobruk, but there are difficulties with them too because they are infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. There are many good men in that government trying to help cleanse their country but one must know who they are and how to discern the difference between them. The UN so called Unity Government or the Government of National Accord (GNA) is a UN puppet government that was never welcomed into Libya, the Libyan people had no say in this appointed government and it is made up of many terrorists and radicals. They came into Libya by dark of night by boat and hold themselves up in the Mitiga Airport that is controlled by Belhaj. The other so called government "The National Salvation Government" holds itself in the Rixos Hotel and is made up of radicals who LOST the legal election but refused to give up their positions and attacked those that were legally elected forcing them to move their representative government to Tobruk.

Having said that, here is what is happening in Libya and why the tribes of Sirte put out this current statement. The UN unity government has taken the Misurata terrorist militias as their personal army. The UN government acts like they are the legitimate government in Libya, they report that they are fighting ISIS with their loyalist army, On top of that they have called bombing raids into Libya from Africom (US military control of Africa). They have NO authority in Libya and they are the puppet government of the Khazarians who blew Libya up in the first place. Very convenient for them, the Khazarians, having put their puppets in Libya who can call in air strikes that have been approved by their own puppet government.
They are taking credit for cleansing Libya which is a complete lie and just the opposite. The Misurata militias are the same as ISIS, they are terrorists, they have killed, imprisoned, raped and destroyed hundreds of thousands of Libyans.

The photo below of the graves, is a photo just published, of the thousands of graves near Misurata killed inside their illegal prisons.

What happened in Sirte is; the Misurata militias supported by Africom went to supposedly clean Sirte of ISIS. The US bombed Sirte about 500 times last year and Obama ordered another 200+ airstrikes on his way out of office. So, Sirte is almost completely destroyed and ISIS has effectively gone. They are dispersed looking for another place to land. Meanwhile, this so called army of the UN puppet government, took over Sirte and began the same atrocities that were being committed by ISIS while they were in Sirte, perhaps even worse. They circled the city with barricades and no one is allowed to leave or to enter. They have gone house to house entering and stealing whatever they choose, they have stolen electrical lines so the power to the city has been stopped. They destroyed the feed plant in Sirte so that the animals needed for life will not be sustained. They would not allow help to come into the city and instead demanded that the national guard go to the oil fields and attack the oil fields to stop the flow of any money to the Libyan people. The orders for all of these criminal acts come from their terrorist headquarters in Misurata.

So, what you have is ISIS being replaced by ISIS under a different name. This is the dirty game that has been played against the Libyan people since 2011 to maintain criminal illegal control of Libya.

In order to bring hope and peace to Libya, the Libyan people must have a voice. Since 2011 the Libyan people have had no voice. The false puppet criminal terrorists put into Libya by Clinton's criminal acts do not speak for the Libyan people. At this time the Libyan people have NO voice. The Great Tribes of Libya are the ONLY legitimate voice for the people of Libya. All Libyans belong to tribes, without the voice of the Libyan people there will never be peace in Libya. At this time we are working to bring together leaders of the Libyan tribes from the 4 main regions of Libya, north, south, east and west. It is of the highest import for the Libyan people to have their voice heard by the new administration. No person attempting to speak for Libya, whether it be the UN, ambassadors, professors, so called experts, old Libyan puppet leaders, etc., etc. will fail in their attempts. The only chance for Libya is for the LIBYAN PEOPLE to have a voice and the only legitimate voice for the Libyan people comes from the Great Tribes of Libya.

Misurata terrorists militias in Sirte
Statement from the Tribes of Sirte, Libya Jan 25, 2017
Misurata Graves of innocents killed by Misurata terrorist Militias