International Criminal Court Corruption Against Libya

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The ICC continues it's false claims against Dr Saif Al Islam Ghadafi. The ICC charges have never been substantiated and are based on media reports of the lies that started the phony revolution by the Khazarian mafia Zionists to destroy LIbya. stop the gold backed Dinar for Africa and control Libyan assets'

The actual criminals that committed the crimes that Dr. Saif is being accused of are the same ones that tried him in a kangaroo court and found him guilty without any evidence.

Understand this, Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi is the second son of Moammer Ghadafi. He is highly educated, he is a humanitarian and a statesman. He was never in the military, he is not trained in any military activities. Two of his younger brothers were leaders in the Libyan National army, the army that was defending the Libyan people against the hordes of terrorists mercenaries brought into Libya by NATO and continual bombings of civilian targets by NATO. Both of those young men were killed and are considered martyrs and heroes in Libya.

The motive behind the ICC charges have nothing to do with Dr. Saif breaking any international laws. Their charges are purely poltiiscal, Dr. Saif is the most popular man in Libya to be the new leader after a general election, which will be held once the country is cleansed of the Muslim Brotherhood puppet government and their terrorist militias. Drl Saif holds a 90+% approval rating and would win in landslide in any election. Of course the New World Order Khazarian mafia cannot let Libya retain back it's sovereignty, especially led by another Ghadafi. I should add that the African Union backs Dr. Saif to be the new leader of Libya giving him a great amount of respect in all of Africa,

The ICC has also refused to recognise the general amnesty declaration by the Libyan House of Representatives based in Tobruk. The HOR is the only legitimately elected government in Libya.. They passed the the General Amnesty law #6 in 2015. Nothing was respected regarding Dr. Saif and this law by the criminals who imprisoned him, so the Ministry of Justice made a special declaration after reviewing the charges that Dr. Saif was to be freed under the general amnesty law and that he was under full amnesty and they found him not guilty of any of the crimes of which he was accused.

According to my legal resources, a general amnesty law passed by a legitimate government holds sway over the ICC, In other words, Dr. Saif is cleared of all charges in the country that was accusing him and therefore, the ICC has no backing for any ot their charges. This fact seems to have bypassed the so called prosecutor of the ICC for LIbya, Fatou Bensouda an attorney from Gambia refuses to recognize any of the substantial evidence against the ICC charges as well as the amnesty.

Yesterday, I was contact with Professor Francis Boyle of Chicago University. He is an international law expert on crimes against humanity by NATO, UN, US, UK and the corruption of the UN and the ICC. The great tribes of Libya asked me contact an expert regarding the problem with the ICC and Dr, Saif. I knew Professor Boyle from the past as he was a great supporter of Libya and was friends with Abuzaid Dorda when he was the UN representative for Libya. He gave me a very distinct answer:

"Under no circumstances must they deal with the ICC—The White Man’s Court".

He passed to me ihis missive about the ICC, who they are and the continued control and corruption of the ICC. His advice was any country not a member of the ICC DO NOT JOIN, any country a member of the ICC DROP OUT. The ICC is the mad dog enforcer of the western colonial imperial powers. The New World Order and the Western Imperialists are re-colonizing Africa. I am attaching his information about the ICC to this article below, it is a pdf and will be downloadable. I highly recommend every reader to publish his information.

As the corruption of the imperialist, Khazarian Zionists New World order is continually exposed, we ask that the world pray for Libya and stand with Libya as the Libyans fight to save not only their country but their sovereignty and their culture.