ISIS Beheading Video in Libya HOAX

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Yesterday, I got an email from a person with a degree in mixed media and well educated in the art of movie and film making, he did a short critique on the video that is very enlightening. He confirms as we all know that these videos were made, they are fake and most likely filmed by a hired advertising agency. Again the reason is to complete an agenda - control, fear and feed the military industrial complex.

"That video is a production not a beheading they paid someone good money who does advertisements I can't price it but it has a quality as in a Budweiser, Coors, commercial quality - maybe a $70,000 production. They ether have to rent or buy the equipment camera - $40,000 for a steadicam crane not just any crane - look at the smooth camera movements - look for a big name production house maybe it was shot in Mexico maybe LA; this is broadcast quality! get my point? This isn't an average mediocre video. It could have been produced in Spain. Spain I believe is the media hub for Europe. Look for an publishing house that does advertising. Also, doing a 3d model molding though another 3d model (Fox claims these are real) Get a 3d model program merge two objects together and you will see what I mean."

"These videos I've seen make it hard for me to believe ISIS exists. I cant' find any blogs from Iraq or elsewhere on the subject. I think we are being severely censored on Internet . These staged videos and pictures are so bad that it should be obvious to the average person but its not and that's what bothers me. That Libyan ISIS video reminds me of a horror movie I saw once; its a style made popular in horror and zombie movies and games. I bet the producers are known or at least copying the known style. "

"Remember Blood is not opaque you must mix white with red paint to make the fake blood - a dead give away."

Even our Libyans tell us that nothing makes sense about this video, no one inside saw this take place and the reports of where it took place have changed many times. The people doing the location slight of hand are all foreigners...go figure.....

I will re-post the video below for your information.