ISIS Terrorists Attack the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli

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The criminal terrorist group, ISIS has attacked the 6 star Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya today, January 27th, 2015. The attack was started by a car bomb and followed up with snipers.

Two of the criminal terrorists were identified, both of them foreign mercenaries. One Abu Solomon from the Sudan and the other Abu Ibrahim from Tunisia, their photos are posted below. Understand that these mercenaries are being funded to come into Libya illegally, they are given arms and training by none other than the US CIA.

The criminal saga of Libya broken continues daily with the full support of the US, Qatar and Turkey, supplying arms, money and foreign mercenaries to make sure that the 2 plus million Libyan refugees cannot return home. Making sure that the embargo of weapons against the Libyan army by the UN continues so that they cannot effectively fight the terrorist, psychopathic foreign occupiers of their once great country. Making sure that the 40,000 + innocent people being held prisoner in illegal hidden prisons, many dying daily from torture and poor hygiene have no hope of freedom.

The UN battle to "protect the innocent" in Libya was the GREAT LIE of the century, as Obama's CIA funneled money and weapons to Al Qaeda mercenaries who were killing and raping Libyans at will. All the while Ghadafi pleaded with them to stop bombing his people and promised to leave into exile or do whatever they wanted. The criminal Zionists of the West, US/UK/France and the UN told him to his face that they would kill him because they wanted him dead and there was nothing he could do about it and they would bomb his country into the stone age just because they could.

So, one of the greatest crimes against humanity was perpetrated against Libya and her people. The crimes continue to this day while the cries of the Libyan people fall on deaf ears. It is time for the world to turn its weary eyes to Libya and see what the Zionists "one world order" criminals are doing to this planet. Libya is a perfect microcosm of the evil being perpetrated against the people of the world. Libya will be the death knoll of the evil Zionist bankers, they have over played their hand and their dirty game has been exposed.

God Speed the Great Tribes of Libya as they work to cleanse their land of psychopaths and bring their people home to a secure and peaceful country