Islamic Extremists On the Run OUT of Libya

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The news is beginning to be positive for the Libyan people, the army is defeating the radicals and mercenaries with the help of the tribes and the surrounding countries. Consequently, you see these murdering criminals trying to escape. A group of them left tonight out of Mitiga airbase in Tripoli because the main airport was blown up by them. The Libyan people and the tribes and the army are all working together and positive results are beginning to show.

This just in from the Libyan tribes:

“Islamic extremists who were being trained in the former Artillery School in Tripoli – including leaders of extremist groups in Libya and Libya dawn criminals --- along with a Sudanese General left Libya about 2 hours ago on a private plane from the Mitiga airbase Tripoli traveling to the Sudan

Flight information below

Mitiga airbase Libya to Khartoum Sudan - 214 airbus - A320
Registration: 5A-ONB
They used a Libyan plane

These are groups that support ISIS and other radicals in the region. There have been many mercenaries in Libya fighting against the good Libyan people who are against Islamic Extremism. The Libyan army and the tribes are cleansing their country with the support of the surrounding countries and they are winning. Sudan, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the ones supporting these mercenaries and the Misurata “Libya Dawn” mafia Islamic extremists.

God bless the Great Tribes of Libya, the Libyan Resistance, the National Army and the great youth movements of Libya for all their hard work. Soon they will see a beautiful new day in Libya where all the people are free again and all Libyans can enjoy their beautiful land without terror.