January 9, 2014 (hour 1) Moriartys on the Power Hour with Sheik from Bani Walid Libya

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The brave, fearless and honorable Great Werfalla tribe calls it's homeland Bani Walid. This city has never fallen and holds the hope for all of Libya to be free from Al Qaeda and NATO mercenaries and all traitor rebel rats. This city with it's 150,000 + innocent people was brutally attacked by the puppet government of Libya, the armed Al Qaeda gangs and droves of rebel terrorists from Misurata in the fall of 2012. The city was surrounded and bombed and Sarin (poisonous) gas was used against these innocent people. The reason for the attack - the city did not fall to NATO and their armed gangs of mercenaries and terrorists during the 2011 illegal invasion of Libya.

The attack on Bani Walid city was a horrendous act of war crimes against humanity. There was a request sent (in 2012 after NATO left Libya in pieces) many times from this city for the UN to step in and help stop this ruthless attack on the innocent civilians. The media silence was deafening. In fact, Turkey, Qatar were supplying arms to these terrorists gangs via Misurata with the support of the USA.

Strange how the world outcry to stop the "non" existent attacks on protestors in Benghazi in February of 2011 went world wide promoted by the corrupt media. The UN and the US demanded that the security council vote to place a "no fly" zone in Libya. From the "no fly zone", NATO, the US, the CIA, France, UK, Qatar and over 41 nations joined to illegally bomb the country of Libya over 60,000 times. They armed and funded over 250,000 terrorist mercenaries, many known Al Qaeda leaders and brought them under NATO guard to Libya where they terrorized innocent civilians everyday, cut off heads, chopped up people, shot people, stole and raped the Libyan people and destroyed massive amounts of infrastructure including power plants, water supplies, hospitals, schools, homes, farms, etc. NATO used Fuel Air Explosives and cluster bombs - all this activity against international laws and any use of such are considered war crimes. They embargoed (illegally) water, gasoline, food, medicine, etc., from the city of Tripoli, where 2 million innocents live. This was done because Tripoli was not going along with the false revolution. All these activities done under the guise of helping the innocent people of Libya.

This is the glaring hypocrisy of the UN, the imperialist western nations, the Rothschild bankers (Fed and Euro) and all other hidden agenda evil organizations. Their agenda is not to help the innocent, their agenda is control countries world wide through any means. Death and destruction is considered "acceptable collateral damage" to make sure the people have no country, no security, no homes. They incite civil wars amongst the people to maintain the destabilization.

This is not the first and unfortunately will not be the last illegal and unwarranted attack of sovereign nations by these evil people.

*Below you will see a map of the location of Bani Walid, a photo of the women fighters of Bani Walid (there were many men too) but you can see the passion of the people when the woman stand and fight, and below that a green flag flying for the free people of Bani Walid

Bani Walid Libya
Bani Walid women fight NATO mercenaries and Imperialist invaders
Bani Walid remains Green and unconquered - free from RATs and Al Qaeda
January 9, 2014 (hour 1) Moriartys on the Power Hour with Sheik from Bani Walid Libya


Patriots are slowly coming to the oasis of truth. Thank you and God bless. #SouthTexas is on your side.