Jihad Brigades Planning To Invade Southern Tunisia Through Libya

Submitted by Vishal on

Below is a link to an article in a Tunisian paper in Arabic (you can translate with Google). It is an interview with a Tunisian military leader who says there is plan by The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, Al Nusra, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others (understand that all of these groups are the same, they just use different names to confuse the western world, they are all Islamic Extremists) to invade Tunisia. They like to refer to themselves as Jihadists but in reality these people are not Muslims they are psychopathic murderers who have nothing to do with the religion of Islam it is just the fake face they use to commit their despicable acts. They work for a different master, those that would control the world.

The invasion will include about 10,000 extremist fighters.They will invade Tunisia from the Libyan side, to make Tunisia under the complete control of the terrorists. The Tunisian people are against all these radical groups by more than 95+%. The army is not strong in Tunisia but there is hope that the Algerian army will stand and fight with them as now all of the North African countries have woken to the fact that these rubbish terrorists groups (armed and funded via Qatar by the USA) have a plan to own all of North Africa even if 95% of the people are against them, they will control it by force and fear. This story has been confirmed by the Ministry of Security in Tunisia

Article Link: http://www.alriyadh.com/net/article/871336