Libya Celebrates 47th Anniversary of Al Fateh Revolution

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September 1st - people in Libya are celebrating the Al Fateh Revolution's 47th year anniversary. Libya is fighting to return to the Great Jamahiryia (formed after the Al Fateh revolution). The Libyans work to free their country from the 2011 illegal war and occupation by the Zioinists and their radical Islamic mercenaries (proxy army). Libya will win.

The 1969 bloodless coup (Al Fateh Revolution) that gave Libya back to the Libyans and put Ghadafi in charge; changed the face of Libya forever. From poverty to prosperity, the first time in Libya's history the Libyan people were free of occupation and were allowed to own their own land. One of Ghadafi's first acts was to give the land to the Libyans who had worked as slaves to the Italians for many many years. Photos are from celebrations at Al Fateh University in Benghazi tonight as September 1st rolls in.