Libyan People Support Wershaffana Tribe Against Militias

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The Zionists should take note that the Libyan people and Great Tribes of Libya will not stand for the dirty tricks of the New World Order Cabal against their sovereign country.

My last article spoke about the 50 million Dinars paid by the UN puppet government (led by the criminal "Serraj") to a group of radical rogue militias led by a man named Osama al-Juwaili. Juwalili, a nobody Taxi driver before 2011, rose to his position by joining hands with Bernard Levy of France, a Khazarian mafia Zionist war criminal, against his own country in 2011. Juwalili is the worst of the worst, he has no loyalty to his country, he cares nothing about lost lives, he is a mercenary and a radical Islamist.

Serraj paid Juwalili to attack the Great Wershaffana tribe that holds the gates to Tripoli. This is proof of Serraj's knowledge that he has no hold on Libya, no authority in Libya and no respect in Libya. Serraj and the NWO Zionists that control him are losing their hold on Libya. Tripoli being the last stronghold, is now being taken back by the Libyan tribes and their resistance.

Today the Libyan people took to the streets to show their support of the Wershaffana tribe against the militias.

The dirty games played in Libya since the beginning of 2011 are now fully understand by the people and Great Tribes of Libya. All dirty tricks are being exposed and they will not work in Libya any longer.

Oh, and one more point, Belhaj, one of the leading terrorists from Libya. A man well known to the CIA, MI5 and Mossad, who joined hands with NATO to destroy his own country and who now is a billionaire with assets stolen from the Libyan people. This criminal Belhaj has stated that he will build hospitals, schools, etc., if the Libyan people elect him as the leader of their country. How pitiful is this man? The absolutely most hated man in Libya, thinks he can bribe the Libyan people with the money he stole from them. He is a completely delusional psychopath.

Good bye UN puppets, Zionist puppets, radical Islamic militias, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, LIFG, Ansar Al Sharia, Libya will soon be in your rear view mirror.