Libyan Popular Resistance Destroys 100+ Armed Vehicles of Misurata Terrorists

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January 28, 2014

The great Libyan patriots of the resistance fighting the radical Islamists illegally occupying their country, are having great victories against evil. Today a 100+ (armed) vehicle convoy of these criminals was ambushed and destroyed some 70km from Sabha. The popular resistance is strong and their voice is strong to all Libyan patriots.

Report Below from Leaders of the Resistance:

The current situation today

“Many Islamic extremists were killed today under the feet of the Libyan resistance. The convoy was made up of over 100 armed cars in convoys containing extremist groups (Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood etc.) from Misurata groups of armed gangs and mercenaries many of different nationalities. - as Noted below:

25 hold Qatari citizenship and military ranks, including colonels
13 Sudanese nationality of the group Hassan al-Bashir (a radical Islamist in charge of N. Sudan)
20 Egyptian citizenship of Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Extremist group
5 of Afghan nationality of al-Qaeda
3 hold Syrian nationality of working for Qatar and other Gulf countries to incite problems

The number of dead NATO mercenaries exceed 500 killed – many more in hospitals. These people have sold their honor and their land for their tyrant masters, Zionists and Imperial colonialist, and as promised (correctly) they are being punished”
* As reported before, Islamic Extremist gangs are using weapons of mass destruction against the citizens of northern Libya in retaliation for the Popular resistance.. The Libyans have the right of ownership of their country. Please disregard any western media or other sources that report these are tribal wars in Libya. This is a LIE, the tribes are joined together to cleanse their country of the evil put in by NATO. The truth is many Libyans have suffered since 2011, there is no security, no government, no rule of law. People are in fear of their lives everyday. What NATO and the US did to Libya is a crime that is out matched even by such evil doers as Hitler.

* Below is a photo of the resistance in just one area of Libya. - there are many many more of these areas.