Libya's Great Patriot Imam Freed From Illegal Incarceration

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Sheik Khaled Tntoush, one of the most famous Imam's in Libya has been released from his illegal imprisonment by the Misurata Criminal Militias after 5 years and 3 months. Sheik Tntoush is a great leader for the people of Libya, he is a patriot and an honorable man. He is against radical Islam and embraces the peaceful Islam that 96% of all Libyans follow. Not once during his incarceration was he ever given a trial or charged with any crime. He was held illegally against his will, he was tortured and abused by the same group that invaded and destroyed Libya under the support and guidance of Hillary Clinton. To this day, 2 weeks after his release he is still suffering and healing from the wounds afflicted upon him by his terrorist jailers.

Sheik Tntoush was welcomed back to his home in Tripoli by thousands of people, he is another link in the chain of hope for the Libyan people to cleanse their country of the evil that invaded it and return their country back to peace. Never during his illegal incarceration did he lose his focus on his beloved Libya and the good people that have been so abused by the criminal invasion of NATO.

Sheik Tntoush is known to be a great speaker, in the past before NATO, he had a TV show educating people about Islam, their country and their God. He will now begin to travel and to speak about the truth of what has happened in Libya during the past 5 years, what happened to him inside the Misurata terrorist prison and who these criminals are that have destroyed Libya, how they committed war crimes and criminal acts against humanity. He will expose the real truth about who Libya is, who her people are and the great lie that was perpetrated against the innocent people of Libya.

We are personal friends with Sheik Tntoush and have spoken to him this week. We cannot say enough about what a good man he is and how we thank God for his safety and freedom. We worked with him while we were in Tripoli during the NATO attacks and invasion in 2011. We watched him travel hundreds of miles in an old beat up vehicle to minister to those suffering from bombs, rapings, death and other criminal acts perpetrated upon them by the Clinton mercenaries and NATO. He himself was attacked 3 times by NATO bombs and survived, when we met him the first time one side of his leg was covered with scabs having been burned from a bomb dropped at a Brega tea house where he and a group of 11 Imams had stopped to have tea on their way to discuss a peaceful solution with other Imams in Benghazi in March of 2011. NATO bombed them as they drank tea, killing all of them except 3. Just one of hundreds of criminal war crimes committed by NATO in Libya during 2011.

So, today we say God bless you Sheik Tntoush, we are honored to know you and Libya is lucky to have you.

Welcome home and stay safe