Misurata Islamist Mafia Break Into US Embassy Tripoli

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Sunday, August 31, 2014 - the most hated group of terrorists in Libya broke into the US Embassy. You will see on this post a number of photos and a video proving just how these criminals behave. The Misurata Militia (attempting to repaint themselves with a new name "Libya Dawn") are the leading criminals in all of Libya now. They are made up of multiple terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others. They are also full of mercenaries from many countries in North Africa and the Middle East. They are hated by all Libyans because they are psychopaths. They rape women, they blow up civilian houses, they cut off heads of anyone they don't like, they steal from citizens on the streets, they rob banks, they completely destroyed the Tripoli airport - just because they could. They have no morals, no ethics and no God, they are not Muslims they are terrorists masquerading as Muslims so that they will get support from the radical Islamists who by the way, are not true Muslims either. You have to consider why the Zionists want the West to hate Muslims and why the Moussad, CIA, MI5 train, equip and fund these psychopaths as their personal army to terrorize areas they want to control.

The Misurata gangs are like old west criminal gangs, there is no security in Tripoli, no government in Tripoli so they roam the streets at will with their AK-47's slung over their arms, break into homes, kidnap women and children, steal cars, money, food whatever they want. The Libyan civilians are at their mercy. But there is a bright and shining light now - The Libyan Tribes Military Council has taken to cleaning their country of these radical terrorists. Lead by the Great Wershefana tribe, 99% of all Libyan tribes have joined the battle for Tripoli. The battle in Benghazi is also raging. The battle is between the Ansar Al Sharia mafia terrorists against the Libyan tribes of the East, the Libyan army and General Haftar. It must be stated out front that the Tribes are not backing Haftar, they do not stop him as he is fighting a common enemy but they do not support him as they know since the Libyan war with Chad in the 70's, Haftar has been a CIA agent and was the leader of the Al Qaeda mercenary rebels during the 2011 illegal war against the sovereign nation of Libya. So this man Hafter is at the front of responsibility for the the killing of hundreds of thousands of Libyans. Traitorous actions are not easily forgiven when your country has been completely destroyed.

POINT - The battle raging in Libya today is between Misurata mafia and all extremist gangs against the Libyan people (the brave freedom fighting people of the Tribes). There are no militia wars happening in Libya - that is media "smoke". Freedom loving Libyan patriot warriors are fighting for their country.

Back to the Embassy break in, the Misurata mafia is attempting to cover their crimes against the US by saying that they were securing the Embassy. This is so much bunk.. they broke all the windows, they ransacked the Embassy and took whatever they desired and left the rest. Deborah Jones, a pitiful excuse for an ambassador, tweeted out today that she was not even sure it was the Embassy and that she understood it was being secured. She is living in Tunisia, and does not have the slightest clue about what is happening in Libya. She did not have a clue when she was in Libya, she is the most blatant Zionist puppet ever produced. She makes the statement that the US government backs the legally elected Parliament in Libya as the legitimate government (now meeting in Tobruk) but then she says that the Parliament declared Misurata militias (Libya Dawn) as terrorists and she was not sure she could go along with that? What?? Did she just turn herself into Obama and rewrite her own statement? But since her first day in Libya, her focus and support has always been for the Misurata terrorists.

As a final note, the Misurata Mafia has declared itself in control of Tripoli. BIG LIE, no one is in control of Tripoli and there will be no control until the Libyan tribes clean Tripoli and set forth some form of security for the people. A note on the Libyan government today: There are 3 factions all claiming that they are the government of Libya at this point. 1. You have the "sort of" elected Parliament in Tobruk (by "sort of" I mean that only about 5% of Libyans voted and even at that the Muslim Brotherhood lost every seat so they would not let the winners list out - by threat of death at gun point). 2. The GNC (General National Congress) the puppet government set up by NATO full of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other Terrorists. The GNC was formally disbanded in February 2014 but continued on as a temporary government until after the June election this year. However, they refuse to go away and have now declared themselves the legitimate government. (you will see a photo below of these Muslim Brotherhood terrorists on a private jet with their leader Abo Sahmeen). 3. You have the all NEW government set up by Misurata a few days ago and declaring themselves the Sharia government of Libya - total joke! No legitimate Libyan has ever recognized any Islamic terrorist group.

Please pay attention, Misurata is being supported by Qatar and Turkey and Saudi Arabia (by pressure from the US). Without their arms, money and mercenaries the Libyan Tribes would have finished Misurata days ago.

* Photos:
1. US Embassy Misurata Mafia, man with red circle around his head is Qatari (wearing a Qatari head band)
2. Photo of Misurata criminals around US Embassy pool
3. Deborah Jones bedroom at the US Embassy taken by Misurata mafia today, proof that they were there.
4. Private plane full of now disbanded GNC government officials and their leader Abo Sahmeen

* Last - Video of Misurata at US Embassy today