Moriarty's Release UNSEEN Libyan Videos - New Series with Jason Goodman

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We have started to release the unseen videos we took on the ground in Libya during the 2011 NATO destruction of Libya. These are raw videos, taken by us with a small Sony Camera. They are not edited, these are the real Libyan people sharing their sorrow, their thoughts and their desires for their future. They speak in Libyan Arabic but we are there with a translator. Our series will be every Monday night at 6pm central, you find the links below.

Jason Goodman is the one we have ever entrusted these videos with and he is doing a great job. He is clear and honest and works to share the importance of the information.
These are the videos that the CIA, DIA and FBI were after when they came into our home.

These videos will prove the false flag, the war crimes, the lies and the atrocities committed by the UN/US/NATO/France/UK and the criminal lying media.

Please watch the introduction to this series free on YouTube at

We will be releasing the videos every Monday at 6pm Central time with Jason Goodman on Patreon. Patreon is a paid site, you can become a patron of ours for as low as $1 per month, up to you what you want to pay to support.

You can find our Patreon site at

Thank you to all of our great supporters and angels, we appreciate you all more than you know as do the Libyan people.