Moriartys Under Attack

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As you all know, we are under attack by this government. They (the US/Obama/intelligence agencies) have now stepped up their attack. The daily truth about Libya, our eyewitness of the war crimes by NATO and the US in Libya are not to be publicized. The CIA told us to forget Libya or they would take our lives from us. It was not enough to ruin us financially, alienate us from our friends and family and make us homeless. They are now beginning to target us physically. We have been doing speaking engagements and we have been packing the houses. At these events we name the names of the agencies and the agents that came into our homes and threatened us. This obviously was not acceptable, they called and told us that we were the worst of the worst because we were naming the names of these agents and they (the agents) could be in danger now?

Last night they took it one step further, we were followed from Houston, by the police. 70 miles of non-stop “right on our bumper”. When we were in the middle of nowhere, in East Texas, we were stopped by Texas Highway Patrol, lights flashing. The officer came up and did not ask for registration, did not ask for insurance, just said step out of the car. A drug dog was produced and after much encouragement, by the officer, we were told the dog “marked??? drugs in our vehicle”. We were arrested/detained for 2 hours, on the side of the road, while our car and all our belongings were removed from our SUV. Hundreds of searches in the same location, in our car, produced NO DRUGS!! The arresting officer; B. Lamb Jr. badge # 12101 of Region 2, District C, Area 08, was on constant phone discussions with somebody when NO DRUGS were found, we were released. They were frustrated they did not find any illegal substances. The officer doing the search kept returning time and time again to the same spot, someone on the phone was telling him where to look.

Last night was a very, very bad experience, we were held for 2 hours illegally. It was an illegal stop, and an illegal search. We continue our work to put out the truth, if we disappear we pray that our friends and supporters will try to find us.

God Bless you all and stay alert, your freedoms are disappearing every day.

***NOTE, this is the third edit of this story, someone is changing my words to make us look like uneducated hicks. We are both highly educated international business people, we pay attention to our details.