NATO Helicopters over Tripoli - Private Video

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Black Helicopters over Tripoli – US/NATO helicopters swarm over Tripoli and shoot innocents anywhere they spot them


Very much enjoyed hearing you speak tonight.

Just wanted to let you know about this video. None of those helicopters are Apache's.

The one that LOOKS kind of like an Apache is actually a Eurocopter Tiger and the other helicopters are a mix of Eurocopter Puma's and Super Puma's (both used primarily for transport).

Please be safe!

Thanks so much for the info and so glad you heard us speak. This video was provided by my Libyans and was taken during the war in 2011 - neither of us are experts in helicopters so we really appreciate you input. We were personal witnesses to Apache helicopters in Tripoli, I will never forget the sound of the cannons firing (makes a much different sound than the big guns on the backs of the little trucks). I don't have any photos because we were just trying to stay safe and photos were not first on our minds. Thanks again, JoAnne