Our dear Friend Norm Frost was Burned Out and Living in his Kennel

We are posting the link to "Go Fund Me" for those that would like to help our dear friend and small farmer who lost everything in his home on 2/15/2021. He is a good man who keeps a small farm now by himself having lost his wife and partner about 8 months ago due to a long term illness.  He is currently sleeping in his kennel and needs help to keep his animals fed and himself clothed and fed.  There was no insurance as all their resouces had gone to his wifes medical treatment.  He is a biblical scholar and follows the good deeds and honor that are taught in that good book.

Flashback 2014 - Power Hour/Joyce Riley Interview: Moriartys and Benghazi Eye Witness

James and JoAnne Moriarty bring forward a Libyan eye witness to the 2012 Benghazi catastrophe where the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was assassinated. This Interview was taped on the Power Hour with host Joyce Riley in January of 2014.  Joyce Riley has since passed away.

Part 1 PowerHour with Joyce Riley Jan 2014 Interview Moriartys with Benghazi witness
Part 2 PowerHour with Joyce Riley Jan 2014 Interview Moriartys with Benghazi witness

Libyans Celebrate 51st Anniversary of the Great Al Fatah Revolution, September 1, 2020

Across Libya with the only exception of the terrorist controlled areas in and near Tripoli, all legitimate Libyan people celebrate the 51st anniversary of the great Al Fatah revolution. The bloodless coup that gave Libya her sovereignty for the first time in hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The great tribes of Libya appointed Colonel Moammar Al Ghadafi to lead Libya into a new and prosperous era which he did in a spectacular manner. He created a government that shared the wealth of Libya with her people.

Protests Against GNA Tyranny Turns Deadly as 22 Civilians Killed by GNA Mercenaries

August 23, 2020 Tripoli, Libya Protestors took to the streets of Tripoli and surrounding cities to protest the untenable living conditions in the city and in the whole of Libya. The city of Tripoli that has been under the control of the so called Government of National Accord (appointed by and supported by the UN) since 2015. Since that time the GNA has not done one government like activity in Libya. The GNA is made up of radicals, mostly Muslim Brotherhood but some Al Qaeda and LIFG.


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