VIDEO of Terrorist Involved in Killing of US Ambassador Chris Stevens Attacking Civilians in Al Kufra city Libya

Wesam Bin Hameed, the terrorist holding Chris Stevens belongings from the night of his death is caught on video committing another act of terror. He and his extremist terrorists are firing on civilians in the Al Kufra City Libya.

Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote an article regarding the involvement of this man in the killing of the US Ambassador.

Al Qaeda Training Camps in Derna Libya October 2013

Open article to watch the video taken in the Al Qaeda training camps in Derna, Libya. This is thank you very much NATO and Barack Hussein Obama. Libya was a nation full of non radical Muslims (95%), only 5% or less were radicals and none of those were allowed in Libya. All the radicals were living in exile, fighting the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO joined hands with these radicals, that had been killing US military in Afghanistan, armed, funded and trained them to invade the sovereign nation of Libya. THERE WAS NO REVOLUTION IN LIBYA.

Obamas Impeachment and Trial for War Crimes

This is a great video by Kris Zane of The Western Center for Journalism - Please watch the video. You can double the crimes because they were also committed in Libya only on a grander scale.

On October 11, 2013, the 110-page Human Rights Watch report entitled “You Can Still See Their Blood” was published, in which it was found that Obama’s al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels have been engaged in nothing short of war crimes.

Patriot Whistleblowers Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty in person in Garland, TX

Please join us for this great event Sponsored by Activists For Truth

Monday, October 28, 2013
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Plaza Theater Downtown Garland
521 W State St, Garland, Texas 75040

Meet The Whistle blowers in person - Libyan War The Truth - They NEED our support!! This husband and wife are not "activists" they are business people..They know and understand Libya having been to Libya 17 times between January 2007 and May 2011.

Dr. Jerome Corsi will join the Moriartys for a vignette appearance via Skype.

Hamas next Mideast domino to fall?

The Arabs and true Muslims have started a movement across N. Africa and the Middle East to end these rubbish Islamic Extremists groups, this movement is called Tamarod. This is the group that successfully had Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood terrorist) thrown out of office. This is a death knoll for all of these terrorists, the people of Africa and the ME will not stop until these groups are finished. Well done to all the fine people in the ME and North Africa.


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