How is it that Obama gets away with openly supporting the radical Islamic mercenaries now rampant in Syria? The US has become the support system for these terrorists, supplying them with arms, money and training. The truth is known by the rest of the world. This same game was played in Libya and other now failed states that the US blew-up (illegally) with the help of NATO and their Al Qaeda mercenary terrorist forces.

SHOCKING Interview with Tharwat El Kharbwe Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Member

A very famous spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt lays out how the US/Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood to power to change the borders of Egypt and other important things in North Africa and the Middle East.

Aug 2013

افتراضي الخرباوى لـ"اليوم السابع": مرسى جاء للحكم باتفاق مع أمريكا..وأسس قسم"الوحدات"بإدارة محمود عزت لطعن الجيش قبل30يونيو
نقره لعرض الصورة في صفحة مستقلة

Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents and Obama's Crimes

Great video by Kris Zane about Dr. Corsi's article showing a secret document proving Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood. This puts the Muslim Brotherhood on trial for treason and possible death penalty in Egypt. It also put's Obama's illegal activities out in the open. This document was supplied to Dr. Corsi by us through our people. The work we continue to do is very important, please help support us by donating at our website. We need your support. Thank you and God Bless us all.


These leaflets were brought to us from the people of Tripoli while we were there in the summer of 2011

NATO could not get the people of Libya to turn on their government even after months of bombing, thousands of war crimes, hundreds of thousands of Al Qaeda mercenaries in Libya killing and raping the people, so they began to drop propaganda leaflets in Tripoli and in every city not yet controlled by NATO mercenaries. These leaflets instructed the people to put down their arms and join their countrymen against the government.


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