BUSTED The Lie about Haftar Leaving Libya has been Outed

The truth about Khalifa Haftar and his lame attempt at a coup has been updated by the Libyans inside Tripoli tonight.

The US spin machine leaked to their underground in Tripoli that Haftar had left Tripoli and was on his way to Saudi Arabia. They had hidden him away in Tripoli.

Tonight it is being reported by an eye witness that Haftar is being housed in a compound behind the US Embassy in Tripoli and that he is being protected by the US Embassy. He has an Apache Helicopter at his disposal.

Fake Coup Perpetrator Gen. Khalifa Haftar Runs Off to Saudi Arabia

As reported by Libyan War the Truth, Khalifa Haftar, a so called General (of what army we don't know) attempted to declare a coup in Libya yesterday. This fake coup was of course backed by and instigated by the CIA of which he is a long time member. The Libyan people and the army of Libya actually laughed and made jokes about his declaration. Everyone, in Libya knows exactly what a traitor Haftar to is to Libya and they cannot imagine anyone following him.

Haftar's Libyan Military Coup - Failed CIA False Flag Operation

Ok, lets start with a little history about Khalifa Belqasim Haftar aka General Haftar. Khalifa Haftar has been a known traitor to Libya since he defected from his country , moved to Virginia and joined the CIA after the Libyan war with Chad in late 1986 (he had been a spy for Chad) . The CIA financed his gang of militias that were later to try and take down the Libyan government in a failed attempt in 2001. The reason being amongst other things the lack of support of the Libyan people and tribes.

The Powerful Zintan Tribe Speaks in Support of the Libyan Resistance

The Vice Chairman of the Zintan Military council warns Al Qaeda,(all criminal extremist militias) the General National Congress and any other suppressor of freedom, that any attempt to harm the Libyan people will be met with the full force, money and power from the Zintan tribe. This statement is made in response to the threat from the GNC (criminal puppet government) to the people of Libya that if they take to the streets they will be fired upon with weapons and killed.

Libyan Streets Friday February 7, 2014

The US puppet government of Libya continues to crumble.

Like their brothers and sisters in Egypt, the Libyans are taking their country back from the US Puppet Government installed by NATO and the Islamic Extremists, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and all other evil that has put into their country by NATO. The Libyan people have suffered for almost 3 years now since NATO destroyed their country and left them under the control of the NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries.

VIDEO God Bless the Great Libyan Patriotic Resistance - GOD SPEED

God Bless The Great Libyan Patriotic Resistance and the Honorable Libyan Tribes; we honor them and wish them God Speed, as they fight to take back their country from the evil forced upon them by NATO and the US.

Get ready for the Liberation of Libya ...... forward ..... irreversible. Victory .. no choice but to victory - in the Great Jamahiriya.

سااااااعااااات النصرررر....ساااااعااات الحسم...الزحف المقدس سااا
سااااااعااااات النصرررر....ساااااعااات الحسم...الزحف المقدس

Libya's Puppet Government and Al Qaeda NATO Mercenaries use SARIN Gas Against Civilians

Dr. Jerome Corsi reports today the use of Sarin gas against the civilians in Libya. The US backed puppet government with the help of the NATO backed Al Qaeda mercenaries, Criminal armed gangs made up 2011 so called rebels are attacking civilians with Sarin gas in Tripoli. There is a ground swell of all the tribes of Libya against the puppet (US backed ) government in Libya. The people of Libya have suffered for 3 years under the tyranny of facism, torture, false imprisonment, theft , rape and any other attocity that you can imagine.

Ibrahim Al Dabashi Libyan UN Ambassador Breaks His Silence

Ibrahim Al Dabashi Libya's "traitor" UN Ambassador finally breaks his silence about the truth in Libya. Dabashi is considered a traitor by his country for joining the false flag revolution started by NATO and Obama that left his country in ruins, in the hands of Al Qaeda and 500,000 of his country men dead. Now that the Patriotic Libyan Tribes have joined together to take back their country and install security and a chosen by the people government, he is afraid for his life. So, he begins to tell the truth hopefully to save himself.


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