Benghazi Declares STATE of EMERGENCY- Al Qaeda Attacks People of Benghazi

NEWS FLASH - STATE of EMERGENCY DECLARED in BENGHAZI. The people of Benghazi formed a peaceful demonstration in front of the Tibesti Hotel today and they were fired upon by Al Qaeda groups mainly Ansar Al Sharia. But then all of these groups are the same, it does not matter the name, all of them psychopathic killlers. They change their names to confuse the west.

Al Qaeda in Libya Purchasing Scud Missiles

Sunrise Online news site comes from Algeria, and provides real-time and continuous coverage of events in Algeria and the Arab world, and the world, in three languages
This article is about Al Qaeda and it leaders namely a one Abdulhakem Belhaj and their purchase of Scud missiles. All these dangerous weapons in Al Qaeda's hands is
is thank you very much NATO the US and their allies for blowing up the peaceful, safe, secure country of Libya and turning it over to these psychopathic criminals. AND

Moriarty's with Alex Jones in Dallas, Texas

Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty with Alex Jones at his event in Dallas, Texas on November 20, 2013. In front of the Federal Reserve building. Watch the video taken by us and hear Alex call out the Fed and the government here in Dallas that is blocking almost every access road to the "Grassy knoll" where Kennedy was shot 50 years ago on Friday. The government does not want the real truth out about the JFK murder.

The Greatest Deception: How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World

Reality Written at "THE UGLY TRUTH" by Lindsey
People are starting to wake up and understand what the Zionists are doing to the world.

The Greatest Deception: How the Zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World


Today in Tripoli Peaceful Demonstrators Killed - Fired on by Misurata Armed Gangs

Today in Tripoli, Friday November 15, 2013.

Libyan Civilians took to the streets to demand the removal of the Misurata armed gangs that roam the streets of Tripoli. There is an attempt by the impotent government of Libya to try and pass a law that says the gangs are forbidden in Tripoli but this law will never be enforced because there is no power and no government body with any respect or power in Libya now.

VIDEO Al Qaeda from Libya Terrorize Syrian Civilians

Abo Suheeb Allibi - a well known Al Qaeda terrorist from Libya (there are many terrorists flowing into Syria from Libya) is shown in this video terrorizing the local Syrian civilians. This kind of criminal behavior was supported and allowed in Libya during the NATO/US war there. The only difference was NATO was allowed to run 60,000 bombing raids against the Libyans and completely destroy their country. There was no Russia standing up for the innocents in Libya, thank God they are for Syria.

It All Makes Sense Now -- 4-Star Admiral: Obama A Benghazi Co-Conspirator..

This article in Red Flag News, confirms what we know about Benghazi. Because Morsi (past Pres of Egypt) a Muslim Brotherhood member and head of Ansar Al Sharia (both radical Islamist groups) was the funder and planner of the attack and a close friend of Obama, this now all begins to fit together. Clinton and Obama were both co-conspirators because as Secretary of State she is the person responsible to call for the protection of her Embassy's.

Moriarty's Speak Out Again on Voice of Russia with John Robles

Moriarty's discuss Al Qaeda in Libya and the corruption put in place in that country by NATO and Obama. See transcript on Voice of Russia Website

November 12, 2013 Moriarty's Speak Out about Libya on Voice of Russia with John Robles

EU Makes List of Libyan Terrorists Banned from EU Visa's Top of List John McCain's Best Friend

The EU has published the following list of Libyan terrorists that will be banned from visa's in the EU

1 - Hakim Belhadj
2 - Ahmed Abuchtalh
3 - Sami al-Saadi
4 - Khaled Sharif
5 - Khalid Basir
6 - Abdul Rauf a hater
7 - Hashim human beings
8 - Abdul Wahab Qayed
9 - Sofiene Ben Qmo,
10 - Mohammed Zahaw


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