Tunisian Security Capture Ansar Al Sharia Extremist Involved in Benghazi Attack

This Video is a press Conference held in Tunisia today by the Tunisian Security leaders. Tunisian security today caught a man coming into Tunisia from Turkey, they know this man is a member of Ansar Al Sharia, the Egyptian extremist group involved in the attack and killing of Chris Stevens in Benghazi. The Tunisian Security know this man, he is Tunisian and they know he was involved in the killing of the US Ambassador in Benghazi in September of 2012.

12 Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Syrian Rebels Captured in Turkey with Sarin Gas

This Article was published in the Turkish Newspaper in May of this year. It is reporting that 12 members of the Syrian Rebel Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) were arrested in Turkey and in their possession was 2kg of Sarin Gas. This reports goes on to say that there is an investigation now ongoing. However, this report has disappeared off of the internet and there is no discussion of these arrests anywhere in any political discourse.

NATO’s “Humanitarian War” on Libya: Prelude to a Humanitarian Disaster

This is an excellent article by Greg Shupak of Global Research, as you read down you will see the title Racist Rebels in the first paragraph you will see that 66 dead bodies were found in the Mahari Hotel (The Raddison Blu) in Tripoli on October 21, 2011. When we were captured by Al Qaeda (August 2011), we were taken to the Mahari and held. We thank God for saving our lives but we were witness to the torture of young soldiers and others being dragged into the Mahari in front of our eyes.


How is it that Obama gets away with openly supporting the radical Islamic mercenaries now rampant in Syria? The US has become the support system for these terrorists, supplying them with arms, money and training. The truth is known by the rest of the world. This same game was played in Libya and other now failed states that the US blew-up (illegally) with the help of NATO and their Al Qaeda mercenary terrorist forces.

Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents and Obama's Crimes

Great video by Kris Zane about Dr. Corsi's article showing a secret document proving Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood. This puts the Muslim Brotherhood on trial for treason and possible death penalty in Egypt. It also put's Obama's illegal activities out in the open. This document was supplied to Dr. Corsi by us through our people. The work we continue to do is very important, please help support us by donating at our website. We need your support. Thank you and God Bless us all.


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