The True Benghazi Story Revealed - Chris Stevens was Assassinated

We have been working with the Libyan tribes now since 2011. When Chris Stevens was killed, the tribes called us and stated that the perpetrators were in a certain hospital in Benghazi and the US could catch them if they would go to this hospital. We had no one to tell, no one was interested. The tribes later called back and told us that the perpetrators had shaved their beards and dressed in western closes, they were in cars (they described) headed to Cairo, they said the US could catch them on the road. Again, no one to call.

Against All Odds, Libyans Fight to Regain Their Freedom From Western Occupation

In 2011, an evil scheme by the Western Mafia of Khazarian Zionists (UN, NATO, US, UK, France, Qatar), began a false flag titled "Arab Spring". This scheme was developed to destroy one sovereign country - Libya. The reason behind this was many fold but mainly, Ghadafi had started a gold currency for Africa called the gold dinar. This gold backed currency was already started in the Comoro Islands and all Arab countries has signed up along with more than half of Africa.

UN Joins with Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG in Libya As Corruption Continues

The UN will sponsor a Conference in Ghadames, Libya next month. This is a ruse, nothing will come out of this conference that will benefit the Libyan people.

The reason is that the UN has joined hands with criminal terrorist organizations; the Muslim Brotherhood and LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group). They have included these groups in the conference in Ghadames and have EXCLUDED the Great Tribes of Libya who represent all the Libyan people.

CIA Puppet Khalifa Haftar Seizes Libyan Tribal Leaders Attempting to Stop Tribal Conference

Khalifa Haftar, Libyan TRAITOR, TERRORIST, THIEF, LIAR, WAR CRIMINAL and CIA PUPPET, continues his crimes against the Libyan people with impunity. He has kidnapped (taken illegally) two important tribal leaders from Benghazi. Mr. Mukhtar Al Kaseh, Counsel (lawyer) to the Tribes of Libya and Mr.Hassan Mabrouk Zentani (tribal leader of the Zentan tribe supporting the Green flag of the Jamahiriya). Both of these men were taken by Haftar's militias in Benghazi, they have not been seen now for some days.

Latest Media Lies About Libya

The latest media lies about Libya are targeted at Russia. Why?

Libya is destroyed, a failed state but the natural resources of Libya have always been the target.

The reason for the fake news (lies/propaganda) is to make Russia appear to be supporting criminals in Libya.

The person the media state Russia is supporting is Khalifa Haftar. Khalifa Haftar is a CIA puppet. Under no circumstances would Russia ever support a CIA puppet and the knowledge of Haftar's masters is well known everywhere.

BREAKING Dr. Abuzaid Dorda FREE, After 8 years Illegal Imprisonment

Today all across Libya, people are celebrating. One of the most respected and loved statesmen of Libya has been freed from his prison of almost 8 years. Quite appropriately on the historical "day of shame" for Libya, the February 17,2011 FALSE FLAG phony revolution.

Dr. Abuzaid Dorda was head of Libya's Intelligence Committee during the 2011 invasion by NATO. Dr. Dorda had been Prime Minister of Libya from 1990 to 1994, he was also General Secretary of the People's Committee and Libya's representative to the UN from 1997 to 2003.

Turkey Caught Sending Illegal Vehicles to Terrorist Militias in Libya

As being reported by the Libyan Observatory Newspaper, Tuesday February 5, 2019

Libya - On Tuesday, the port authorities seized a shipment of four-wheel-drive vehicles from Turkey. ***See photos below***

A source from the port told the observatory that the shipment consisted of nine "Toyota Sierra" armored attack vehicles with Turkish-made armored combat vehicles.


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