Moriarty's Release UNSEEN Libyan Videos - New Series with Jason Goodman

We have started to release the unseen videos we took on the ground in Libya during the 2011 NATO destruction of Libya. These are raw videos, taken by us with a small Sony Camera. They are not edited, these are the real Libyan people sharing their sorrow, their thoughts and their desires for their future. They speak in Libyan Arabic but we are there with a translator. Our series will be every Monday night at 6pm central, you find the links below.

Tripoli - UN Puppet Government Attempts to Include Moriarty's in Media Scheme

This week we received a so called "final draft" of what is being called a "FOREIGN MEDIA" Brochure/plan for Tripoli. This plan is being put together by a Washington DC Lobby group known as the BGR Group. The BGR Group is made up of Washington DC deep state criminals who were part of the destruction of the sovereign nation of Libya. One of their directors is R. James Woosley Jr., past director of the CIA.

Senator Richard H. Black Congratulates Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi on Winning the Referendum

Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Moammar al Ghadafi, is the Libyan people"s choice for leader of Libya. I published the final results of a referendum in my previous article.

Virginia state Senator, Richard Black has sent his personal congratulations to Dr. Saif via the Great Tribes of Libya. Senator Black is a great humanitarian and a supporter of the Libyan people's right to choose their own leader.

I am posting his personal note below:

To: Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi December 19, 2018
From: Virginia Senator Richard H. Black

UPDATE October 2018 - Rape of Libya Continues - Hardship and Hope

The dirty game against the country of Libya started long before the NATO war. Libya is a country of vast resources, a country of small population (approx, 5.5 million) and an extremely large footprint. That being said, it should be obvious to most who are reading this that the criminal Khazarian Zionists would never leave the country of Libya to the people who owned her.

Libyan Tribes Gather National Support for 7th Brigade and End of Militias

Saturday, September 15th, 2018. Libyan Tribes gather to support the 7th Brigade (legitimate Libyan Army) and give 3 days for UN government in Tripoli to disarm and remove all militias in Tripoli and remove all militias from control of prisons.

This information and article below confirmed by Libyan Tribes

BREAKING: All Libyan Tribes Join Together Against Terrorists and Illegal Occupiers

Update Libyan Tribes - September 13, 2018

The great tribes of Libya have had enough.

In a spectacular, once in 100 year event, ALL the tribes of Libya will come together to cleanse their country of the evil that was delivered upon their sovereign country by NATO, Hillary Clinton, Obama, John McCain, Sarkozy, Cameron, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. All of the aforementioned entities working for the New World Order Khazarian Zionists.


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