The Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes and Cities URGENT STATEMENT

The Supreme Council of the Libyan Tribes and Cities has passed to me a formal statement issued to all foreign governments and mercenaries attempting to interfere in the sovereignty of Libya. Let it be known that any person speaking for or about the government or people of Libya unless they refer to and acknowledge the Great Tribes of Libya as the Libyan people and their spokespersons, have no authority to speak for Libya or the Libyan people.

Italy Raises Its Ugly Head of Imperialism Against Libya AGAIN

This past week Italy, a country that committed innumerable crimes against humanity in Libya in the past with their fascist colonialism, has begun again to try and control the sovereign country of Libya. The reason Italy feels it can attempt this criminal move again is because the President of the US, Donald Trump has put his imprimatur on Italy's desire to once again own the country of Libya and her assets . To that end, the Italian Ambassador to Libya made some statements that are not only out of his range of influence but also against the sovereign people of Libya.

Trump (USA) and Conte (Italy) Join hands to "Fix" Libya

On July 21. 2018, President of the USA, Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a press conference and in that press conference, President Trump stated that the US recognized Italy's leadership in the Mediterranean. The two also confirmed that
a joint U.S.-Italy “steering committee” has been established to stabilize Libya.

Dr. Saif Al Islam Ghadafi, Libya's Choice for Leader, Publishes Future Plans

Dr. Saif Al Islam Ghadafi, the second son of Moammar Ghadafi, is first choice among 95% of the Libyan people, to be the new leader of Libya - to be elected in the country wide election to be held later this year. Dr. Said has released a brochure with some of his intentions for the future of Libya. You will see scanned in photos of the brochure below as provided by the Great Tribes to me.

British Apologize to Known Terrorist, Libyan People Respond

The United Kingdom has lost any modicum of respect they had left having formally apologized to a known terrorist, Abdulhakem Belhaj.

Belhaj is a Libyan and the most hated man in Libya.

Belhaj started the terrorist organization known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). The LIFG is the group responsible for the most recent bombings in London. Even though Belhaj attempted to say that LIFG is now defunct, that is a lie, it is extremely active and working in Libya and other countries such as Turkey and Qatar.

ISIS Members Suicide Bomb Tripoli Election Commission

Yesterday 2 ISIS members slipped into the Electoral Commission Building in the west of Tripoli and blew up the building using bombs that they had strapped on their persons. Eleven people were killed and nineteen were injured.

ISIS and all radical Islamists do not believe in elections. This is of course a great excuse to blow up and destroy any and all election prospects to free the Libyan people from the criminal terrorist mercenaries forced upon them
by NATO and the western imperialists in 2011.

Top Urgent - Qatar Leaks US Paying Millions To Armed Groups

The below article was publish in Arabic News today. Of course there is no report of this in the US main stream media.

We know that Qatar continues to arm and fund terrorists in Libya. This criminal activity was started in 2011 and was supported by the Clinton State Department. With the huge footprint of the US military
in Qatar, not one thing happens without the approval of the US and their military industrial complex.

Al Baghdadiya News reported this today.

Situation Update Tripoli - Criminal Mercenary Gangs (Militias) Take Control

Tripoli Libya March 2018

Situation Update Re: The Great Tribes of Libya.

A large number of gangs in Tripoli sometimes referred to as militias are now in control of the city.

The leaders of these gangs are as follows:

1. Haitham Al Tajouri - Complete mercenary for hire, leads largest criminal gang in Tripoli


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