One Million Euros Found on Captured Mercenaries in Tripoli

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The Libyan tribes army has captured a group of criminal terrorists hold up in a communications building. One of the captured men had with him over 1 million Euros. He told the Libyan tribes that he was given this money by Khaled Al-Sharif and Abdulhakem Belhaj to pay Islamic terrorist fighters to fight against the tribes of Libya. Khaled Al Sharif is a known terrorist as is Belhaj. Both of these men have made themselves part of the puppet government but there is no legitimacy in their positions. They are using power and fear to control Libya and have stolen billions from the Libyan people. The captured man stated that he worked with Khaled Al Sharif at the Finance Ministry. Khaled Al Sharif has nothing to do with the Finance Ministry with the exception of stealing money. Without the money, they cannot pay mercenaries and without mercenaries they lose. No Libyans support these terrorists with the exception of a few radicals from Misurata and Benghazi (they are paid too).

A point for all readers, Libya is swarming with mercenaries from other countries. The only way these criminals keep any control of Libya is by hiring outside killers. It should also be noted that this again falls back upon Obama, Clinton and NATO as they were the ones who brought into Libya over 250,000 Al Qaeda (terrorist) mercenaries in 2011 to effect the take over of Libya. The US and NATO joined hands with Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia, Turkish mafia and other criminal elements to destroy Libya. The US ran weapons to Al Qaeda and other mercenary groups into Libya during the war via Chris Stevens, this was before he was the ambassador. After the war Stevens ran weapons and mercenaries from Libya into Syria. It does not stop there, the US has supported Al Qaeda and other mercenary terrorists in Libya since the end of the NATO invasion. These terrorists receive money and weapons from Qatar and Turkey but the money for these supplies comes from the US via Saudi Arabia.

Do we know the truth about Libya? There is no question, we are eye witnesses to the carnage and war crimes committed upon Libya and the Libyan people by Obama and Clinton via NATO and the CIA.

Mercenaries are what Libya is about these days, this is why the Great Tribes say they are "cleaning" their country. Once the mercenaries are gone, the psychopaths will follow or die.