An Open Letter to the Christian World from the Brother Leader Ghadafi 1989

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This is a message delivered to the world from Muammar Ghadafi. Most people who read this message will be quite shocked as the Cabal had so maligned this good man for so many years that few people would believe anything good about him. What people must realize is that any good men will be destroyed by the Cabal, it is either join their evil plans or die. So, adjust your minds and start to learn the truth about Libya and Muammar Ghadafi.

In 1989, the following message was released to the Christian World in the form of an open letter, by the revolutionary Muslim leader and martyr, Muammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi is one of the few Muslim leaders who truly understood the revolutionary doctrine of Tawheed, recognizing the oneness of God and God’s Creation. He dedicated his life to the task of trying to unite us in the fight against tyranny for the good of all humankind.

An Open Letter to the Christian World from the Brother Leader

All the people of the world and perhaps Heaven’s Angels too, have grown weary of repeatedly exchanging the age old, false congratulation of ‘Happy New Year’.

Heads of State send such congratulatory expressions to one another while many of them proceed to commit actions which make the New Year an unfortunate, miserable and deadly one. Could we not meditate profoundly and recollect some verses from the Holy Quran, as well as the Holy Bible and the New Testament, which say: ‘But help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression.’

Let us remember how Christ vehemently reproached the people in the first sermon he gave in Jerusalem for having forgotten God’s Word and surrendering themselves to conceit. How he reproached the Priests for neglecting the service of God for their greed. How he reproached the Scribes for imparting corrupt teachings and giving up the Divine Law, and reproached the scholars for rendering the Law of God ineffective.

Now without a Christ to reprimand those who have forgotten God, those who are conceited, those who are greedy, those who are culturally corrupt and those who are transgressors of the Divine Law, we have but to reproach one another for our sins and to reprimand ourselves for such transgressions.

We must understand that we are far from the teachings of Christ and very close to the teachings of Satan. The great and rich powers spend fortunes to develop and manufacture nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles, space programs and techniques to advance their psychological warfare programs, at a time when all the peoples of the earth are suffering from disease, malnutrition, starvation and the exorbitantly soaring cost of living.

These powers are led by Satan indeed. Their book is neither the Holy Quran nor the Holy Bible.

We are badly in need of a reiteration of the teachings of Christ where we shall find him calling for unity and saying – ‘Hands off Palestine, the birthplace of Christ – Grace be upon him – and hands off all the oppressed, colonized and persecuted peoples.’

How much the world needs Christ again. We need to abandon the excessive drinking, drug taking and immoral acts that people are encouraged to engage in around the world on every New Year’s eve and instead, on this particular night, we should go to places of worship to pray, ask forgiveness and to reflect upon the Divine Law and the way of life it prescribes for us all.

I know that the conceit of man and his straying from the right path is far stronger than my outcry, but nonetheless, I am offering the world these words. Let us remember this phrase from the Holy Bible – ‘AND IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD…’

Muammar Al Qaddafi

Republished by ARM (African Revolutionary Movement)
Chairman, Yahaya Ezemoo Ndu
International Secretary, Gerald A. Perreira

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