Sott Radio Interview with Libyan Iman Sheik Khalid Tantush and Moriarty's

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Sheikh Khaled Tantush is one of Libya's most well-known Imams. Tantush was released last month by militias in Misurata, following his 5 years and 3 months' imprisonment without trial. An outspoken leader against radical Islam, and for the Libyan people, Tantush was tortured by the same NATO-backed mercenaries that invaded and destroyed Libya under the support and guidance of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Western and Gulf State leaders. His last act of service before his arrest in 2011 was to wash Muammar Gaddafi's wounds in preparation for his burial.

Welcomed back to his home in Tripoli by thousands of people, Sheikh Tantush is another link in the chain of hope for the Libyan people as they cleanse their country of the evil that befell it, and return it back to peace and stability. Sheik Tantush speaks the truth about what happened in Libya these past 6 years, the criminals who destroyed his country, and the hopes and fears of the Libyan people.

Libyan Truth Activists Jim & JoAnne Moriarty join us to today to introduce us to this extraordinary man.

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Published on Feb 12, 2017