Al Nusra

12 Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Syrian Rebels Captured in Turkey with Sarin Gas

This Article was published in the Turkish Newspaper in May of this year. It is reporting that 12 members of the Syrian Rebel Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) were arrested in Turkey and in their possession was 2kg of Sarin Gas. This reports goes on to say that there is an investigation now ongoing. However, this report has disappeared off of the internet and there is no discussion of these arrests anywhere in any political discourse.


How is it that Obama gets away with openly supporting the radical Islamic mercenaries now rampant in Syria? The US has become the support system for these terrorists, supplying them with arms, money and training. The truth is known by the rest of the world. This same game was played in Libya and other now failed states that the US blew-up (illegally) with the help of NATO and their Al Qaeda mercenary terrorist forces.

Syrian Rebels Fire Poisonous Gas on Civilians

Syrian Rebels who are made up of many mercenary extremist Muslim groups - Al Nusra, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and others, fire poisonous gas on civilians and blame it on Assad. Same dirty game was played in Libya. Using these lies the US/UN/France/UK/Qatar bombs and destroys Libya. Being unsuccessful at taking over Syria by funding, arming and sending al Qaeda mercenaries in to fight they now must take drastic means to justify attacking Syria. This has to do with stopping the gas pipeline through Syria to Russia.

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