Bani Walid

Bani Walid, Home of Libya's Great Werfalla Tribe, Shuts Down Serraj Spy

Bani Walid is home to Libya's largest tribe, the great Werfalla tribe, made up of close to 2 million Libyans. Bani Walid is also a beautiful city in the mountains south east of Tripoli, it is also protected by the mountains that surround it. Bani Walid is the one city that the mercenary and Libyan traitor rats never controlled. They claim they did in 2011 but this was so much fake news. To this day, Bani Walid flies the green flag of the real Libya and the golden days of the Great Jamahiriya of the 43 years before NATO and the false flag phony revolution.

January 9, 2014 (hour 1) Moriartys on the Power Hour with Sheik from Bani Walid Libya

The brave, fearless and honorable Great Werfalla tribe calls it's homeland Bani Walid. This city has never fallen and holds the hope for all of Libya to be free from Al Qaeda and NATO mercenaries and all traitor rebel rats. This city with it's 150,000 + innocent people was brutally attacked by the puppet government of Libya, the armed Al Qaeda gangs and droves of rebel terrorists from Misurata in the fall of 2012. The city was surrounded and bombed and Sarin (poisonous) gas was used against these innocent people.

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