'Agents of Destruction': How CIA Helped Create Islamist Frankenstein

'Agents of Destruction': How CIA Helped Create Islamist Frankenstein
by Ekaterina Blinova (my comments at the bottom)

Washington and its allies created the Islamist Frankenstein with their own hands: over the decades radical Muslim 'agents of destruction' have formed the belt of instability which stretches across the MENA region to Central Asia and beyond. But how did it all begin?

Learn How the World is Controlled "False Flag Terror. A Historical Overview"

This is one of the most important articles ever written, if you read nothing else you must read this article published by Global Research. It is an overview of False Flags committed for the past 100 years to manipulate and control the people of planet Earth. False Flags cause death, destruction and the fear required to make the masses go along with the illegal war and destruction.

CIA Threatens Egyptian President

A high ranking Egyptian government official who requires complete anonymity has revealed that the head of the CIA showed up in Egypt not long after President Al Sisi of Egypt made it clear to the world that Egypt will be supporting it's Libyan neighbor in ridding their country of the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radical groups and militias so that Libya can bring peace and security to her people. Also there are over 2 million Libyans living in exile that must be returned home.

CIA Whistleblower Opens Benghazi Secrets - Holder Attacks

This is a great article by Douglas J. Hagmann who interviewed the CIA Whistleblower Robert "Tosh" Plumlee. I have always said that Libya will be be Obama and Hillary Clinton's downfall. The Libyan country decimated by NATO bombs and Al Qaeda mercenaries was used for massive illegal activities by the criminals running the US government. Chris Stevens was a gun runner and x CIA, he first ran guns to the Al Qaeda mercenaries in to take over Libya, next he ran guns and Al Qaeda mercenaries out of Libya to Syria.

CIA/USA Building Al Qaeda Training Camps "Campuses" in Libya

In Libya there is no government there is only Al Qaeda. The Libyan resistance grows stronger everyday as the people of Libya are fed up with the tyranny that now controls their lives. Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical groups are laying claim to as much ground as possible in Libya before the Tribes gain enough outside support to return and clean their country of the filth left there by NATO, the UN and the US. Fearing that they will lose their grip and their new bank, the US CIA has stepped up its support of the psychopaths in Libya.

BUSTED The Lie about Haftar Leaving Libya has been Outed

The truth about Khalifa Haftar and his lame attempt at a coup has been updated by the Libyans inside Tripoli tonight.

The US spin machine leaked to their underground in Tripoli that Haftar had left Tripoli and was on his way to Saudi Arabia. They had hidden him away in Tripoli.

Tonight it is being reported by an eye witness that Haftar is being housed in a compound behind the US Embassy in Tripoli and that he is being protected by the US Embassy. He has an Apache Helicopter at his disposal.

Haftar's Libyan Military Coup - Failed CIA False Flag Operation

Ok, lets start with a little history about Khalifa Belqasim Haftar aka General Haftar. Khalifa Haftar has been a known traitor to Libya since he defected from his country , moved to Virginia and joined the CIA after the Libyan war with Chad in late 1986 (he had been a spy for Chad) . The CIA financed his gang of militias that were later to try and take down the Libyan government in a failed attempt in 2001. The reason being amongst other things the lack of support of the Libyan people and tribes.


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