Dr. Jerome Corsi: "Evidence backs claim that Hillary armed ISIS"

Dr Jerome Corsi has put out a new extensive article outlining proof that Clinton armed Libyan radical Islamists (4% of Libyan population) and her 250,000 radical mercenaries brought into Libya to destroy and occupy that country against all international laws. Some of the proof referenced by Dr. Corsi was provided by us, gathered personally while we were in Libya in 2011 during Clinton's war against that country.

Parliament members: Hillary is 'Butcher of Libya' by Dr Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi interviewed three Libyan Parliament members from Tobruk. The Libyan Parliament is the only legitimate government in Libya and was duly elected. It took us months to set this interview up because the Western powers (US/UK/France/Italy/Germany) supporting the Khazarian banking mafia control the internet from Tripoli and use sophisticated blocking technology (set up the NSA in Libya) to keep the Libyans from speaking out. You will see the connection is poor but the words are strong with truth and will be getting out.

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New civil war in Libya as Benghazi probe begins by Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr Jerome Corsi, working with the Moriartys and the Great Tribes of Libya, again hits the truth about Libya that is not being talked about by any main stream media. His report brings to the surface the ongoing subterfuge by the US in Libya today. The US Ambassador to Libya (Deborah Jones) is the leader of the mis-information machine as pointed out in a rebuttal statement put out by the Great Tribes of Libya.

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