The Destruction of Libya: Posturing Predators; Lethal Lies

A good article by Robert Snefjella

The Destruction of Libya: Posturing Predators; Lethal Lies

Premeditated criminal violence has been around for a long time.

Deliberate criminal violence has motive, involves planning, and is cruel and harmful. The motive often involves the attempt at some real or imagined gain, or forceful seizure. Surprise attacks are favored.

The Zionist Destruction of Libya Continues

The last few months in Libya have been marked by increasing violence. Not that there has been any peace in Libya since 2011 when Clinton and Obama sent NATO and 250,000 mercenaries to destroy all security in the country and leave it a failed state run by puppet extremist governments and criminal terrorists who have robbed, raped and pillaged the country for over 6 years. But the last few months have shown a marked difference in their criminals tactics. The reason is, they see their hold on Libya weakening and they are desperate to maintain control of their fated calf.

Tuesday Market Destroyed by ISIS in Tripoli

Yesterday, January 19th, 2015, ISIS burned the biggest central market (mall) in Tripoli. This market, which I have been to many many times was a four story market known locally as the
"Tuesday Market"- The Souk Tuesday.

ISIS proudly claimed responsibility for the destruction of the biggest and best market in Tripoli.

Their reason - "Men and Women shop together at this market and according to these fanatics that is forbidden". A MADE-UP rule by radical psychopaths to destroy life where ever people are free and happy.

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