Egyptian Media Calls Out Obama

There is one country in this world whose media is not a puppet of the Zionists. Egyptian media speaks out against Obama's lies and his intentional destruction of America.

Well done Egypt.

Watch the video (there are English subtitles),You will get a laugh and understand that no, you are not crazy, Obama is not leading the US he is destroying it along with other countries, i.e. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen and any other place his Zionist masters deem unworthy.

CIA Threatens Egyptian President

A high ranking Egyptian government official who requires complete anonymity has revealed that the head of the CIA showed up in Egypt not long after President Al Sisi of Egypt made it clear to the world that Egypt will be supporting it's Libyan neighbor in ridding their country of the Islamic State (ISIS) and other radical groups and militias so that Libya can bring peace and security to her people. Also there are over 2 million Libyans living in exile that must be returned home.

Report: Egypt Preparing Large Assault Against ISIS in Libya Despite Opposition From Obama

Breaking news (Article below from Breitbart), President Sisi of Egypt will take military action to help the legitimately elected Libyan government clean and remove the Islamic State ISIS from their country. Obama sent his CIA goons to meet with President Sisi to state that Obama opposes this and would prefer that Sisi work with the radical Islamic militias that are controlling parts of Libya illegally by force. These are the militias that are made up of radical Islamic psychopaths, brought into Libya in 2011 by Obama and NATO to take over the sovereign nation of Libya.

Libyan Politician Caught Conspiring with Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar in Egypt

Today a Libyan politician from the Tobruk Government named Al Feturi , who was acting like he is against the radical Islamists in Libya, was caught on camera meeting with a Muslim Brotherhood leader, Wajdi Guneem in Egypt. You can see in one of the photos that the Feturi attempts to cover his face but too late - he has been exposed!

The were caught on camera along with their Qatar co-conspirators.

UAE and Egyptian Embassies in Tripoli Bombed by Libya Dawn - Misurata Islamic Terrorists

The UAE Embassy and the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli were both bombed today by the Islamic Militant group "Libya Dawn" based out of Misurata. These are the criminals made up mostly of foreign mercenary psychopaths, being funded and armed by Turkey and Qatar and the US (under the table) who are destroying the Libyan capital of Tripoli, who completely destroyed the Tripoli International Airport and who use force to frighten Libyan citizens. They roam the streets armed and terrorize any person they don't like with rape, death or torture.

BREAKING: US "King" Obama Threatens New President of Egypt

The man who thinks he is king, Obama, has sent a private envoy to Egypt to threaten the newly elected President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Reporting from inside Egypt, those close to President el Sisi leaked the news that Obama had sent a private messenger to meet with President el Sisi and demand that Egypt support the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and support the illegitimate government in Libya now controlled by radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood. This demand came with a threat to do it or else!

Egyptian Minister Confirms Terrorist Training Camps in Libya

Major General Mohsen Hifzi, Vice Minister of Interior of Egypt confirmed earlier today, the existence of a training camp for terrorists under the name of " free Islamic Army" , in the city of Derna in Libya.

He also revealed that a number of terrorists trained in Egypt in the Rafah camp would travel to Turkey for 48 hours and then travel back to Libya.

BUSTED The Lie about Haftar Leaving Libya has been Outed

The truth about Khalifa Haftar and his lame attempt at a coup has been updated by the Libyans inside Tripoli tonight.

The US spin machine leaked to their underground in Tripoli that Haftar had left Tripoli and was on his way to Saudi Arabia. They had hidden him away in Tripoli.

Tonight it is being reported by an eye witness that Haftar is being housed in a compound behind the US Embassy in Tripoli and that he is being protected by the US Embassy. He has an Apache Helicopter at his disposal.

Fake Coup Perpetrator Gen. Khalifa Haftar Runs Off to Saudi Arabia

As reported by Libyan War the Truth, Khalifa Haftar, a so called General (of what army we don't know) attempted to declare a coup in Libya yesterday. This fake coup was of course backed by and instigated by the CIA of which he is a long time member. The Libyan people and the army of Libya actually laughed and made jokes about his declaration. Everyone, in Libya knows exactly what a traitor Haftar to is to Libya and they cannot imagine anyone following him.


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