All Mercenaries Join Forces In Libya Under New Name ... "MURABITOUN"

FYI, in the 1920's MI6 invented Muslim Brotherhood as their proxy army. Next the CIA invented their Al Qaeda as their proxy army. These psychopathic mercenaries have been doing the dirty work of destruction and take over of sovereign nations for the Zionists. These mercenaries claim to be radical Islamists. As Osama bin Laden stated, "all we have to do is change our name to keep the west confused". So now enters the new combined entity called Murabitoun. They have had many other names, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group), Ansar Al Sharia, Al Nusra, etc.

One Million Euros Found on Captured Mercenaries in Tripoli

The Libyan tribes army has captured a group of criminal terrorists hold up in a communications building. One of the captured men had with him over 1 million Euros. He told the Libyan tribes that he was given this money by Khaled Al-Sharif and Abdulhakem Belhaj to pay Islamic terrorist fighters to fight against the tribes of Libya. Khaled Al Sharif is a known terrorist as is Belhaj. Both of these men have made themselves part of the puppet government but there is no legitimacy in their positions.

Libyan Women Being Tortured and Raped by Libyan Rebels, Mercenaries and Militias

Since the illegal take over of Libya BY FORCE - thousands have been imprisoned, tortured and raped. Women are being abused at an alarming rate. NEVER before in Libya was the abuse of any woman allowed. Crimes against women were punished at the highest level. Now full of criminals and terrorists with no government control, women are the targets of abuse

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