Top Urgent - Qatar Leaks US Paying Millions To Armed Groups

The below article was publish in Arabic News today. Of course there is no report of this in the US main stream media.

We know that Qatar continues to arm and fund terrorists in Libya. This criminal activity was started in 2011 and was supported by the Clinton State Department. With the huge footprint of the US military
in Qatar, not one thing happens without the approval of the US and their military industrial complex.

Al Baghdadiya News reported this today.

VALIDATED Hillary Clinton Running Weapons into Libya via Qatar VIDEO

Since the summer of 2011, when we were in Tripoli, Libya we have been saying that the US was supplying weapons (ILLEGALLY) to the Al Qaeda Libyan rebels and all the Al Qaeda mercenaries brought into Libya by the US, France, NATO, UK and other western imperialist nations. We knew that Qatar was puppet for the west bringing in weapons, mercenaries and their own soldiers. We know that it was snipers from Qatar that shot the people in the streets in Benghazi that started the media frenzy to blow up Libya.

VIDEO 5 Qatar Spies Arrested at Benghazi Airport with Fake Libyan Passports

Today in Libya they arrested 5 people at the airport in Benghazi. They were carrying fake Libyan passports. These five men are Qatar citizens. Some if not all of them are Qatar intelligence. I have attached photos of the passports. One of the passports is dated to have been issued on a Friday – this would never ever happen in a Muslim country as their holy day always falls on Friday. These spies told the Libyans that the CIA issued them these fake passports during the NATO war in Libya in 2011.

Official Document ~ Qatar Embassy Tripoli ~ Confirms Sending 1800 Islamic Extremists Trained in Libya to Fight in Syria

A copy of the official document of the Qatar Embassy in Tripoli confirming that 1800 Islamic Extremists (Al Qaeda) mercenaries trained in Libya will be sent via Turkey to Syria to fight with the Al Qaeda rebels against the legitimate government of Syria. It should be blatantly obvious to all by now, Qatar is in the middle of the illegal destruction and takeover of many sovereign nations in the Middle East and North Africa, the most recent being Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.


NATO was illegally supplying British and US weapons to Al Qaeda and the Libyan rebels via Qatar. A ship was caught by the Libyan Coast Guard and these photos are of the stash they caught. The captured rebels confessed the entire thing. The video is of the official spokesperson for Libya during the war, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim. This was in July 2011.

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